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  • southpawplayer23 southpawplayer23 Aug 27, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    SGI-110 coming in December

    The drug has already been approved and they are just making modifications on the drug so it will probably be approved again. Easy 8 bucks when it breaks high of the year in December. Stupid to sell before this obvious decision. Thoughts? And please intelligent people only, no bashing, pumping, just normal talk.

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    • This is where the bucket dissappears. I hate the way short vultures take a stock with a bright future and beat the #$%$ out of it when they have no real investor interest. I guess the market would not find the real price of issues without them but it sure is gut wrenching. This post is to wish the shorts a good morning as they wake up with a big suprise. They were in charge yesterday but not today. GLTA

    • Good thing you held on SouthpawPlayer23! today will be a good day.

    • Oh and the extensive pipeline and potential billion in milestones makes this company worth much more than 5.48 a share. The market will reflect true value soon enough. Hold onto your shares and you won't be sorry.

    • First off before I give you advice ignore this buckelist fellow. He keeps complaining but the stock keeps going up lol. As for ASTX there is a very bright future here. The company has multiple catalysts upcoming which will ultimately create a a solid run such as first response&biomarker data for SGI-110 will be released at ECCO ESMO ESTRO at the end of September. An IND is being filed in Q4 for Astex's new potential best in class oral hypomethylator ASTX727 as well as preclinical data. The big SGI-110 data being released in early December is what is truly going to cause a nice price appreciation before and after the release. Not to mention the multiple compounds partnered off with some of the biggest pharmaceutical giants in the business which makes them a very solid takeover target if SGI-110 data is positive. With 131 million in cash they are sitting financially pretty right now and if they partner off SGI-110 then a lot of financial risk would be taken off the table. Oh and last but not least from 3/31/2013 to 6/30/13 institutional ownership has gone from 45 to 55 percent. I have no doubt that number has already increased and will increase throughout the rest of the year. Good luck and it's a great time to be here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy