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  • batzem batzem Sep 5, 2013 8:51 AM Flag

    Goodbye FREE and BUCKET

    I will miss you two (one} MORONS Congrats on getting out a just the wrong time after holding for all those years. Told you you were a psuedo intellect who knew nothing. Im out with huge profit.
    Ready to take the "TEST" Free. LMAFOA

    Buy some Celdex boys

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    • ok thanks for the lessons over the years. i did very well in this stock. you and jelly and a few others were great commentators. i have never been involved in an actual deal. many rides like cmgi onsale etc. still holding but after hearing what you have to say i will sell. if your wrong i made a wad already no need to be greedy . see yawl on the next one joey

    • So batzem, what's the deal with CLDX?

    • bat what i am reading is this is a tender offer. a conference call today to explain. so i am thinking we will go much higher. with all the clowns on here your the first name i recognized. where do you think the top is?? i understand just your opinion but still i wonder. joeyw1

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      • Joey Despite all the noise here from the newbie idiots who never owned one share of the stock and the threatened law suits. this is a DONE deal. Based on the conference call they widely shopped the company and this was the highest bid. End of story This happens on every buyout nowadays , how many have you seen stopped. Not many. Considering the future success of this company is based on not yet approved products I think its a pretty good deal. If you read some of my posts I told the board that as Dr James M got closer to retirement age he would sell the company. Hope you made a bundle Joey