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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Sep 5, 2013 6:35 PM Flag

    Careful Here

    IMHOI the #$%$ don't like lawsuits.....threats.....intimidation of any sorts in their business dealings.
    If they get nervous with all these lawsuits filed and disgruntled shareholders, IMHO they could just walk away.
    This is far from a "done deal". I'd be very careful here if I still owned the stock. IMHO...

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    • Wrong. The volume tells you the #$%$ Company has been buying all available shares, so they can take control of the vote for the buyout.

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      • The law firm will come in and file suit against board of directors, the committee thought they could cut a deal and run and leave us to dry, but they will be the ones paying the lawyer bills at the end. Somebody over the weekend will top the bid though and this current deal will be stepped on and thrown in the trash. Notice the statement states "to buy Astex" not "buys Astex".

      • There's always the possibility of strike suits from some law firms whining that the board didn't get a high enough price - if this drags out it could have a negative effect on price. Of course, it could also drive up the share price as a way of avoiding litigation. I sold half to lock in my profits as I've been in this position for many years. I'm cautiously holding the rest of my shares to see how this plays out. Best of luck to all the longs!

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