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  • mero0910 mero0910 Sep 27, 2013 9:10 AM Flag


    Attorneys I have talked with doubt this deal will go through. Next we need to get rid of the board and Manuso!

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    • You do realize that enough shares traded between $8.50 and $8.75 since the offer was made public for the buyer to have obtained a majority of the shares already via the open market. None of the institutional owners are a party to any of the lawsuits which seems to indicate that they will tender.

      Unless, of course the attorneys you talked to have information which indicates otherwise.

      Right now the stock is trading at the offer price which means the market believes the deal will go through.

    • I voted my shares against the offer for a few reasons. 1. I don't need the money right now. 2. I think we were sold out by management. 3. I believe there could be a higher price. 4. TSRO is to high for me to buy right now. If there offer is raised to 10 or above I will be gone even though I believe 13-15 is a fair offer. IMO - to many lawsuits and questions were raised about this deal compared to other companies that I have owned that were taken over. Something is not right and when share price is back in the 4's I will be kicking myself. glta