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  • ejohns21 ejohns21 Oct 2, 2013 8:00 PM Flag

    All fellow ASTX winners come on over to SVA with me!

    Company has phenomenal potential! 5 approved vaccines with an NDA approval coming any day now. The company turned a profit last quarter and is severely undervalued. If you wan't to find another cash rich, non-dilutive company such as ASTX then do your dd and join the party.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Manuso, Otsaku's main product is coming off of patent Otsaku is desperate for new products. Their main sellable product is coming off of patent. Did you do your do dillegence? I say no! Isn't that worth a premium? I suggest you give up your 31 million, your move to New York, your bonuses and your health insurance and what ever else you get and give it to shareholders.

      Instead the board Iand I will try to scare shareholders into a sucker move to sell their shares! Why didnt you disclose how horrible things are at the last earnings conference call? I am not CEO but would it be smart to get a partner for SGI110 and AT13387? Then you can take your trips to London and wait for the 2 billion + milestone payments to come in. You still would of gotten your perks and multimillion dollar salary. And yes you would get your health insurance. If not Obamacare seems very affordable. I can help you sign up for that as a motivator for doing the right thing.