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  • kyjellie kyjellie Oct 10, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Mero jelly and other fake ids

    You still pretending you're not the same person. Listen to these brainfarts by this group. I see they added a new alias. If you read these guys posts, they all say the same thing over and over, but use multiple ids. The truth is that jelly...aka mero, bought their shares at around $20 a share. They average down around the $7 area, so in reality they want a higher price so they do lose 55% of what they invested here. They will make claims that they are profitable with 65K shares, but that is not the truth. Why would anyone who claims to made a profit, be whining like they are.? Dr. M did what he had to do. Selling this company was the right thing. He understood the pain of generic dacogen would have here and he knew once the numbers started to show up, the burn to move sgi-110 and others along would eat away at the cash and in the end no guarantee that they would get a drug approved.

    My last two cents here, making money with OPK and never look back. Well again the sybils here walk away with another 50%+ loss. Just like arql,kva,bac and funny how the same mero who just a few months back couldn't find anything positive about astex, claim today it's worth more than $8.48. Your decision to go for the deal, I kind of hope you don't and it falls through. Then the same idiots that missed the other opportunities here will be the same group to watch it trickle below $1.25. If they are lucky. It's been fun laughing at you dolts over the years.

    I see the OPK is now clearly ahead of astex. I win. You can distort all you want...but using multiple ids here to hide your pain, was so easy to see through.

    14 years and you lose 55%....what a perfect ending to the saga. Me laugh everyday.

    Sentiment: Sell