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  • go_figure_now go_figure_now Mar 20, 1999 1:10 AM Flag

    MGI 114

    Please check out the February issue of Oncology
    magazine, page 233. It details the clinical trials of
    MGI-114. It is a call to arms for Oncologists to send
    patients to the trials. It also details the side effects
    seen in the PIs. MGI Pharma has open 3 PIIs and 1 PI.
    The NCI has 10 PIIs and 1 PI. The article also
    indicates more PIIs are coming from the NCI. MGI Pharma has
    expanded their prostate trial since it's start in July '98
    and is in the process of expanding it's ovarian
    trial. The CEO Charles Blitzer has stated in open
    presentations that MGI-114 is safe and the side effects are
    controlled by other drugs. This is not the type of activity
    of a drug that has worse wide effects that efficacy.
    I think Dr. Von Hoff, at the April AACR, is hosting
    the New Drug Symposia. He did a lot of work on
    MGI-114 and has published papers. Check out his symposia.
    Also, there should be, perhaps 7-9 abstracts of MGI-114
    there too. Come to the MOGN board and let us know what
    you find. Thanks