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  • bullcrp1 bullcrp1 May 11, 1999 9:07 AM Flag

    stocks , enough of the nyc freak

    Why don't you go back to picking stocks instead
    of picking your a hole. Say something
    semi-intelligent or go back to playing video games at the bowling
    alley. Supg looks like a good bet to hold onto for the
    long term-lets hope it's another Amgen. RFS 2000 has
    the potential to hit 300-400mil esp if Gemsar is
    approaching 500mil.

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    • No, but there are pleanty of people out there
      working very diligently on agents to fight cancer which
      do not make the patient a living breathing leftover
      from death itself.

      In my case, after chemo and
      radiation, I am alive but quite honestly, there is not much
      of me left.

      As for my financial situation, I
      owe no one a blessed dime. I have such personal
      credit and credibility, I need not a credit card. In
      fact, I need not even mention what I am.

      May God
      Bless and keep you for all the days of your life.

    • In your last post you said (in
      "pathetic to see so many investors put their money in a
      company with no research and weak patent, and on top of
      that, no products".

      I wonder why you bother
      reading/posting to a board filled with so many losers. Why waste
      your precious time?

      No research: What do the
      60 employees do with their time - and why would the
      FDA have approved the various phase 2 work, the
      manufacturing, and the phase 3 studies? Should the congress be
      notified about the FDA wastrils?

      Weak patents: Hmm.
      You mean that the patent protection for the extra
      technology, that allows for more efficacious product
      delivery/shelf stability/less extravisation across a wide range
      of chemotherapy drugs is weak? I don't think so. Oh
      yea, and then there are all those other pesky little
      patents ... My, it is odd that the company went through
      all that bother for no reason.

      No products:
      Gee, a pipeline full of 21 existing products, all in
      at least phase 2 studies and most with impressive
      data/results to date. Several products already being sold
      (nipent, generics).

      How many start-up biotech/baby
      pharmas have such a strong story to sell? Most biotechs
      have a single product/process that they hype and hype
      ... most are no where near this late stage. If you
      can't see this, or if you think me a deluded fool along
      with the rest of the investors, it is your right. But
      please, stop showering us all with your ignorance (or
      wisdom if you prefer).

    • This board is full of people who sounds more like
      stock promoters than real investors. Please put more
      real substance in your posts instead of restating
      hypes. It is kind of pathetic to see so many investors
      put their money in a company with no research and
      weak patent, and on top of that, no products.

    • I got interested in this after my last post.
      First, I will tell you that thru Schwab, SUPG is not a
      marginable stock at this point. I am sure one day that will

      As for shorters, SUPG can be 'shorted', only if
      there are shares available thru your broker. The
      significance is, there is none available, at least not today.
      I don't believe anyone will be able to 'short' SUPG
      anytime soon. We have profit takers at this

      I will opinionate that SUPG could intraday spike on
      occasion. For example, april 22, on the news in journal of
      Oncology. 11 to over 14 for a approx 28% spike. This could
      happen to a greater extent on big news.

    • Maybe you're right, I really don't know. It's
      just that I have been invested in Biomatrix for the
      last three years and the shorts have absolutely
      wreaked havoc with the share price periodically and
      perhaps created a little paranoia in me. At the end of
      each day there has been agressive selling of Supergen
      and I just figured it must be the shorts trying to
      take the steam out of the stock.

      It is almost
      incomprehensible to me with a story evolving like the one we see
      here that anyone would be silly enough to take money
      off the table after a measley fifty percent gain, but
      seeing as a few years back I used to do the same dumb
      ass stuff I guess I shouldn't be too

      Anyway, my sentiments are obvious. I think that a solid,
      broad based research effort is in full steam that will
      pay enormous dividends down the road. Most companies
      have their hands full getting a drug through the three
      phased testing process for a single indication and this
      company is well on their way to having data for well over
      ten indications. Obviously they won't all pan out,
      but I would bet(have bet) big money that several of
      them will.

    • when these boys start buying we will be in some
      uncharted waters!!!as long as the only selling is
      short-selling(g-d help them)supergen will fly 23-30 short
      term....for all of u longs don't let them buy it back....all
      offers out!!!!!!! Thamk u dr.rubinfeld.....



      Shorts in Supergen stock have only one to three day

      dips at most, before the uptrend resumes.

      large base formed in this stock yields targets near

      $25 by autumn. Personally, if Rubitecan gets
      approval next year, with any additional
      indications, this stock should easily hit $100 within

      As for you SCHMUCK, the proof is in the monthly P &
      and in your case bankrupcy court.


    • yesterday that there would be some selling at
      $18. He thought that the news would hold the price up
      though. Once people have got their original investment
      off the table it will continue to climb, too many
      poeple have got the news to stop it now.

    • here. it is inteligent post like yours that makes
      me post on here (i don't post on this board). you
      seem to be very knowledgable about the drug industry i
      wonder why you are not the head of the FDA. Maybe is
      because you amy be on one of the drugs out of the same
      chemical catalouge that you mentioned in your post. Do you
      really think that the two line post that you have on
      here moves a stock up or down?? i think not. So why
      waste your time and others posting baseless messages,
      which they have no truth to them. Are you really that
      board that you wake up and say to yourself that today i
      am going to make an ass of myself and piss some
      people off on one of the message boards. anyhow if you
      are shot on this one you are going to need lots of
      luck but before losing more please take a look at the
      chart of AMGN, ICOS and then please please think. and
      see where this stock is in 6 month if it is ever in
      the 11 or 12 my hat is off for you but if not get
      lost. and please don't post on here anymore you are not
      welcomed here. by the way i just got into this stock after
      doing my homework and DD and i think this is a winner
      similer to AMGN which i own a good %.

    • on your post.

      you stated,
      <Likely a
      combination of traders and shorts knocking us back a

      I monitor alot of message boards, and their appears
      to be growing reliance on buzz words and phrases.
      While your idea is clear, and everyone knows what you
      mean, I just have a hard time believing someone would
      sell SUPG short(to open a position),then to buy back
      later( to close that position) at a lower price, at this
      phase of SUPG's trading. SUPG, at least since it was 11
      or so 2 months ago, has steadily increased in price
      without hardly any backsliding.

      It is reasonable
      to think there were profit takers today, because
      after all, 12 to 18 is a 50% appreciation in a couple
      of months. 14 to 18 is a 28% increase in less than a

      If an investor wanted to make money on the down tick
      as well as the uptick, SUPG has not demonstrated it
      is that kind of stock yet.

      Anyway, This is a
      news filled week for SUPG and to use a phrase, sell on

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