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  • marin25 marin25 Oct 19, 1999 11:54 AM Flag

    check this !

    CRYOCELL INTERNATIONAL=CCEL is very much like SUPG was just a little while ago. The potential here is much greater. trading now @ $4.50 and is enjoying very positive press.

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      It was late last night
      and I was hastful in my typing.
      Maka, you are
      correct. Would only lose the Call option money

      However, I would like to think my pointing out the 965
      moved the stock up today.

      I bought 30 calls
      friday after seeing the 965.
      Received a 38% return
      in two days.
      I think SUPG will go to 35 in the
      short run.

    • I heard 400 too...

    • Just to clarify re: rubitican trials.

      The actual protocol enrollment etc. began in January
      and they will continue to enroll until the end of
      December - that was what I meant by the end of the

      2) My source for the current # of patients (400) is
      Robert Cohen of investor relations.

      3) The
      initial data will begin to be analyzed at the beginning
      of the year --- naturally the final full-up data
      (and hence official paper, etc.) can't be done until
      the last patient (enrolled say Dec 31) has had some
      reaction to the protocol. However, if the results are
      really strong - as in replication of phase II data
      (recall I think that the range is somewhere between
      parity and phase II), then the company/FDA will take
      immediate notice & action --- if you had (G-d forbid)
      pancreatic cancer wouldn't you demand it?

    • <EOM>

    • Thanks for your encouragement. So enlighten us with your profound wisdom on insider trading.

    • For that succinct and knowledgeable explanation from the horse's mouth.
      People, you've just gotta love these medical malpractice defense lawyers. They can be our best friends. Thanks again.

    • Routine med mal defense does, as you say,
      regularly involve a law firm contracted to an insurer to
      provide defense of claims against each of the insurer's
      clients -- the sued doctors. And yes, these lawyers tend
      to return to the same pool of physicians for
      examination and opinion. At that point, I must stop agreeing.
      Defense lawyers I know use clinicians, not exam-mills.
      The reason is basic - credibility. These doctors know
      the problems and can testify knowledgably, not
      anectdotally (witness the disagreement between two of our
      board posters re: whipple for an example). I have sent
      a number of plaintiffs in non-med mal cases for
      exams under the IME statutes of various states and
      federal law, and have not (nor have my colleagues) chosen
      a doctor based on a predisposed opinion or script.
      We look at the local pool of physicians, searching
      for respected, well-educated and well practiced
      doctors. Period. And yes, we pay what they charge. My
      experience has been that plaintiffs tend to use the same
      experts repeatedly, and I have seen quacks make a killing
      as a mouthpiece for hire on that side. But I do not
      represent plaintiffs, and therefore am not qualified to
      generalize about the state of that medical/legal connection.
      I would not be surprised to find that the
      plaintiffs' bar is exactly like the defense -- get the best
      you can.

      Re: insurers, I am not knowledgable
      on their inner workings. Again, I won't generalize
      or speculate. Any insurance execs or in-house
      attorneys out there that can shed (informed) light?

    • SBH is also involve in topoisomerase I inhibitor with
      HYCAMTIN (Topotecan) for ovarian, colorectal, NSCLC and SCLC.

      PNU with CAMPTOSAR (Irinotecan) NSCLC


    • "What my thinking seemed to be saying was that "insiders" are active in the stock or at least their friends are"


    • Thanks for your responses, guys. Very
      informative. The discussion on option calls seems to be a bit
      speculative. What my thinking seemed to be saying was that
      "insiders" are active in the stock or at least their friends
      are. Very interesting thought.

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