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  • eadarainn eadarainn Dec 27, 1999 4:56 PM Flag

    Boogins and Dshlm...

    Totally logical and excellent posts respectively.
    Just a few things though -- Boogins, don't tell me you
    don't watch this stock every day. Both of us have a
    proportionately large stake in this... hmmmm? I admit to
    watching... very closely, but I'm not worried for all the
    reasons you and dshlm just sited.

    Those who bought
    at $30 - $34... this is a real company, not just any
    biotech. The people here, Dr. Joe and Gino and Raj are all
    very well known and each with individual talents
    well-respected in the pharmaceutical industry (not just
    biotech). Hang in there, dshlm is right -- What is $35 to a
    $100 stock?

    c3ipo -- I think you were awfully
    nice to McMon. Heck, you've been far more brilliantly
    scathing with me than you were with him... I guess I just
    have that effect on you :o) C'mon, really give it to
    him. Sick him!

    Joe -- I think realstockguy
    thinks you're me now. Didn't you once say you wanted to
    be mistaken for Ead or Anes. Well, you're now
    associated with being one of my identities. Sorry about the
    demotion, but with one more promotion, you'll get to be you
    again and another promotion you'll get to be Anes. When
    you do get to be Anes, might I suggest you tear him
    up... totally mind-wipe him with somekine of oneliner?

    On a very serious note: Rubitecan is a very
    effective drug. It will be approved by the FDA. I am
    confident it will save lives when used first-line in
    pancreatic cancer. Decitabine is a very desireable compound
    and SUPG got it by divine intervention is the best I
    can figure. Nipent is coming into its

    Golfguy: Let's go back to celibating!!!

    To the rest
    of you: Caveat, Real, et al.... "Shut up you dumb
    babies!" (Angelica from Rugrats) he he he he he

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    • I'm probably even more of a neophyte than you in
      my understanding thus far on the workings of the
      market, but I'll offer my view anyway. I think you do
      have it "straight"; I believe your $27 vs. $35 example
      hits the nail right on the head. The way I see the
      presence of short interest - and especially an INCREASING
      presence - being able to sometimes drive the price down is
      precisely because of its potential psychological effect on
      the collective viewpoint of potential sellers. A
      squeeze upward would indeed begin if the stock's
      potential sellers would refuse any bids below 35 while the
      price was at 27, but - for a variety of reasons and in
      a variety of circumstances - the mere EXISTENCE of
      a heavy short interest often works against that
      resolve in many individual investors' minds, which when a
      sufficient number is passed then manifests collectively as
      increased selling at lower rather than higher prices.
      Possible MM collusion, if indeed such a thing does happen,
      would only exacerbate this crumbling of investor
      resolve. The "irrationality" often ascribed to some of the
      moves that occur in the market is I believe more often
      the result of these hidden, psychological "winds"
      blowing through it than actual business news and
      fundamentals. It's almost uncanny, and I'm learning is much
      harder to predict than I once imagined it would

      This board is an excellent place for an avid student
      of these subjects, and all other related ones -- for
      biotechs at least. There are many, many superb teachers
      here. And you sure can't beat the price.

      and goodnight,


    • As an admittedly ignorant investor, I am
      uncertain how short interest drives prices down.... It
      seems to me that short interest can't drive the price
      down.... only a willingness of long investors to sell (or
      loan) stock at increasingly lower prices can. There was
      a discussion here yesterday re: willing buyers and
      sellers.... and a key point (and one that I agree with....
      Sorry McMon) is that there is always a willing buyer
      for each willing seller (at least with respect to the
      Nasdaq). I agree with the Clam (sorry dig, etc.) that it
      is the INTEREST in the stock that drives the price
      up or down. By way of example, I have no interest in
      selling at $27, but I do at $35. If all longs were that
      way, with no interest in selling at a depressed price,
      then the squeeze would start, especially with the
      small market float this stock has. By way of another
      example, good news increases investors' interest in the
      stock and motivates them to hold out for a higher
      price..... the lack of willing sellers at the depressed
      price forces the willing buyers to pay more..... IMHO..
      Regardless, if I'm wrong, I'm willing to reconsider, and I'm
      sure that there are willing posters with sufficient
      INTEREST to set me straight.

    • I wish my position in MEDX was larger! I'll try to buy more before the price gets totally out of control!

    • Your long QCOM at 171? That's great. I have a
      customer who bought 10 jan 550's at 25 last Thursday. I
      have several clients long QCOM for some time and I
      wish I were one of them. I'll make a prediction for
      next year. AMZN goes up in flames. Congrats again, and
      thank you Paine Webber.

    • Bravo. Very good post. I read it twice. In the
      long run I am confidant you are right. Very well
      thought out and good analogys. Just had my first chance
      to peek at the board today. All of my comments have
      been short term oriented. I'm currently long and
      expect the science will be the determining factor in
      SUPG's success or failure. I may buy more if ABT will
      return my call.
      The pariah Mc Mon

    • I actually laugh at some of the wing-dingers I
      get from the three headed buffoon...what else ya
      gonna do?

      At least you get to be America's
      Richest Secretary though - all I got so far today was
      spandex and a carrot.

    • That's right. That's what they started that
      little hen party for in the first place. If Clam would
      take his bag of carrots and go over there like they
      said they were going to this would be an excellent
      board. These constant pot shots while this stock is
      dropping is very insensitive. I can't believe we haven't
      had two thousand posts by the hens about his great
      family and sexy voice. Like who gives a damn. Go to the
      other board, please. Helicopters crash a lot.
      on Caveat,

    • "...take Ms. Bitchen, All America Richest

      LOL LOL

      I admit it... that is FUNNNNY.

      I think I love you, Caveat... I'm sorry, you're
      mine now. I'm very tenacious and usually get what I
      want. You are full of yourself, even more so than I.
      Gotta have ya. Admit it, we'll get a lot

      Vrooom, Vrooom...

    • All giddy gossipers <....and go back to your little village.>

      Make it easier for us to discuss our stock. Too many off topics.

      Turn the heat up, MrCaveat.

    • I'm getting the feeling you don't like me. Oh

      Detailps -- "deserved?"

      Whatever. What personal
      information I choose to put on this board, or what I don't is
      entirey my decision. Like me, some people like to get to
      know others better... others, obviously don't like it.

      Try not to abcess about it, Caveat.


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