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  • anesgrrl anesgrrl Jan 6, 2000 3:57 PM Flag

    OT - more Texas talk

    Funbunch, of course you count, coming from
    Houston. All Texans investing in SUPG count towards the
    price rise, but Austinites count most. :)
    my condolances for having lived in Waco for three
    TexLeChien, what do you call us, chopped
    liver? We're your buddies. :)
    Diannal98, well....
    that's stretching it a little, but it's better to be
    connected to Texas peripherly than not at all.
    having been to Texas at all has got to help you in some
    way, but given the handicap of your current address,
    you'd better make several more trips.
    that's the ticket, just gotta keep coming back
    And then we have Tex_Rex98, who's in the right place
    with the wrong attitude.
    Ead, I'm sorry but not
    even for SUPG can I sleep with you. No

    The Texan Connection - who wants to be an honorary
    Texan? George? George Bush? Can you help us out here?

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    • What did I miss? I was settin up here in the
      Carolinas today and couldn't monitor anything. Damn debate
      last night has my mind all mucked up. Did I scare the
      young lady away? Maybe Emily's List was correct. I just
      scared away another potential female voter! DAMN! Double

      Looks like there was a bunch of people dying to give
      their stock to ABT cheap today. Dumb. Probably what's
      her face sold too. Oh well, sorry if I screwed things
      up for you guys.

      Don't forget me fellow


    • You mean...that picture of our young lady college
      grad wasn't genuine?

      Oh dear, well this changes

      Actually, my only interest was, uhhhh... fatherly -- yeah,
      that's right, I was going to suggest maybe she put a few
      clothes on, post another picture... a little propriety,
      ya know.

      Also, I did want to know about the
      "fogey" thing. She hasn't answered yet, that I've seen -
      maybe Dubya has scared her away.

      And Anes -
      still lovin' Austin!

      cheers & howdy,


    • "Get a hold of yourself, Joe" Don't worry about that. LOL LOL LOL LOL


    • I've seen that exact same picture on spam posts
      on other boards. It's even a website for investing.
      Once I clicked on the stock picks (although under
      another ID) and it too me to a website with that picture
      on it.

      Get a hold of yourself, Joe.

    • Does she count -- even if she is from Texas?

    • Tell me, is your boyfriend also a product of the
      public education system? Tsk, tsk, it is a shame I could
      not have done more in this area as Govenor. I hear
      that my brother is doing great things down in Florida
      though. Perhaps I'll appoint him to the education cabinet

      I fear you may have offended many of the
      truly bright women (some of them quite young) that post
      here. I believe I speak for most of the men when I say
      that we are all enriched by their presence and that
      their input has proved invaluable. Please don't stop
      reading or posting to this board even if your father gave
      you the stock. Perhaps you'll learn something even
      though you are "finally" out of school. Was it really
      that bad?

      Just lay off golfguy...he is a breath
      of fresh air.

    • that any girl who looks that good always has
      something to do between 11 and 1 every night!!
      BTW, love
      your writing!! Concise and grammatically correct
      writing with wit, charm and a scorpion's tail! Hope you
      enjoy Austin!!
      Think wrongbuy took a wrong
      turn--must've been a shortie.


      ps. Your name
      sounds like a protaganist in a Jimmy Buffet novel

    • why did you mention that picture? I called it up and blew out my whole-house surge protector. Those things are expensive.

    • say really mean things and make me feel bad?
      OOOoh, don't want that.

      Fine, if you don't want
      to talk to the pretty young lady, I'm sure someone
      else will. Or maybe one of your other identities can
      work up the nerve.

      You check her picture yet?
      Or are you still looking outside your species?

    • <EOM>

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