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  • seadog72 seadog72 Mar 21, 2000 11:44 AM Flag

    Look At the Facts SUPG Lovers

    I would highly recommend to most of you
    speculators to read the companies fiancial statement that was
    recently released and posted on Yahoo and other research
    areas. Notice the postings about how Abbotts options to
    purchase 49% of the common stock, this could severely
    hamper your investment at anytime. Notice the disclosure
    about accumulating Debt. and continual deficit. I agree
    the products have a great future, but not every
    company with a great product roars. I would highly
    recommend taking a look at the financial statement and
    check out the book value, calculate the price to sales
    ratio and see why not too long ago , this stock was at
    $9 or something. I would put my investment in many
    other profitable Bio companies , It's not like theres a
    shortage. I would consider Supg around $18-20...max.

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    • I just want to tell everyone... Just look away...
      look away for now. Don't panic. All is well. Others
      will reward us for our bravery (Fortune does favor the

      Ohhhhhhmmmmmmmm..... Ohhhhhhhhmmmmmmm....

    • changed his name to Seadog...get lost

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