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  • groundzero1331 groundzero1331 Jan 17, 2008 3:56 PM Flag

    Im 21 and need some advice

    I currently have 2500 in FLATX, it was close to 2900 until recently. What i wanna know is since im so young should i continue buying or should i take the money out and put it elsewhere? If so, Where?

    thanks for your opinions

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    • Good age. I hope that this is not your only fund. It is a good one but don't go for home runs. Jim Cramer say's that Latin America is a trade and not a hold. I have held this fund a long long time and it has performed well. However, this should be monitored well and I take the position when it is 7-10% off it's high, I sell a portion and reivest when it starts to rebound. Note that today, it set a new high. Long term holders of the fund, I think, would be monitoring this carefully in order to take some profits. Some wise men say the trend is your friend. The trend is upward.

    • Congrats for being a young investor, leave your money their and buy more especially when its down. This fund has an outstanding record. Look at the 5 year averages.

    • Leave it in and don't touch it until you are 51 years old. If the 5 year trend continues it will then be worth about $115,000,000

    • Brazil is on its way up! Stick with Cramer! Buy!

    • I've been investing for 40 years. Here's the advice I gave my own children: [1] if you work and the company offers a 401k and will match at least 25%, do it; [2] next, own a diversified portfolio of mutual funds [at least three] which provide global growth exposure; have equal $ weighting in each to start; [3] if you can, hold these in an IRA so the earnings will compound tax-deferred [Reg] or tax-free [Roth]; [4] dollar average by adding equal amounts to each, say $100/mo each or $250/qtr each ... don't try to time the market; [5] reinvest all distributions; [6] don't look at it every week; [7] when you can afford it, add another fund that broadens your diversification; [8] evaluate performance no more frequently than yearly ... focus on the future and not the past ... and decide if you need to shift emphasis; [9] and, finally, once the value of those mutual funds equals three year's gross pay, you may want to start thinking about "rifle shots", i.e. owning single stocks.

    • I'm 55 and I thought I was investing in indigenous crafts & helping the Indians, but it's all Venezuelan oil and other naughty stuff! It's been our only big money-maker this year. I do feel guilty, but now's a good time to get in IMO. "Buy low and sell high."

    • I am much older than you! I says keep buying more day by day and let it grow. All the recommendations I see for FLATX and also for its holdings are great. I do the same thing I am saying to yo! Keep buying and hold on to it.

    • Watch the news very often. Most companies the fund holding are doing well now.

    • ground,
      I hope you don't take advice from a message board.
      But, in case you do.
      You should have left your money in.
      You should buy more on a regular basis.
      This is called dollar cost averaging.
      It is impossible to time the market.
      When you decide to buy back in you will have missed a big part of the gain. you may get lucky and hit it right, that will just set you up for overconfidence in the next trade.
      I am 52, been buying mutual funds thru 401K for 29 years. I have over 500,000 in my account by using this simple method.
      90% of traders go broke in 2 years, your method would be very similar, trying to time the market.
      Find 4-7 funds to invest in.
      I recently purchased FLATX, I wanted more foreign exposure.

      Good luck to you in your investing


    • I am 29 and have owned this position for quite a few years most of fund was bought between 25 and 35 a share. Here is something to think about with this, Brazil is energy independent of oil unlike our nation. They use sugar, they just discovered a reserve of oil off the coast of Brazil. It is the more than all of norways reserves put together. So with China and the US competing now in oil, I think this fund will continue to rise I see it going to at least 75 to 90 range.

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      • I see the fund rising even higher than that, but not until a big drop happens first. The bull market has run its course, and we are now teetering back and forth at the brink of a steep drop in stock prices. I think the Dow will hit 9,000 or less within a year, and I think FLATX will be below 30 again too at some point. Some will leave their money in and go long, while others will get out now and value invest after the prices have fallen.

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