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  • betasplen1 betasplen1 Feb 17, 2010 11:09 PM Flag

    Except I havent sold. And joe cant. Just cause

    I am surprised you don't have these clowns on ignore, especially when they laugh at your expense. Anyway, I am down 45% on paper and not caring a hoot. Not buying a share either though I could dump another $10K into it from my combined 2010 ROTH contribution. I hope I haven't misplaced my confidence in Clayton. I know they are legit and have discovered the holy grail. The million dollar question is if they will seize the moment and use it wisely for themselves, their shareholders and their customers. Or if they will choose not to open the door when Mr. opportunity is banging on the door. I've set a limit of 1 year to find out which horse I am riding. If we have a winner, I ain't selling below $2.90 and you can take my word to the bank! Cheerio!

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    • They dont bother me. Just once in awhile i post to correct them. I dont know why you would question your confidence in Clayton, or the CEO. Have you ever called him? He's a good guy, and likes to share what he can. I tried to touch base at least once every two weeks. I know most of the game plan through to April. I have no concerns. Bmgp will be everything i thought it would be when i bought it. And i will be here till my exit strategy hits. And its no where near at these levels. I dont rely on anyones dd but my own. The biel group that follows me board to board dont bug me at all. Only in their minds do they feel they do. I just post around them. If their life is sad enough they have to spend time following me, thats their loss in life. I dont and wont ever follow them.

      If you have called clayton then you know whats happening and when. And if thats the case then you wouldnt sell here,nor worry here. Everything from when uplisting will happen, who from the lab is talking to who in two weeks. What countries FDA is in talks. When the beta version of the new website will be online. What new developments are coming out of LosA, including bmgp. What the latest is with the grant. And i could name more. knowing as much as i know in detail, i could care less if a long sold off to enter cskh. He said he was doing it and that dropped the pps today.

      bmgp remains one of the best plays many will see in a long time. and no biel crap on this board, nor the people behind it cant change that. if they get to the weak hands, and they sell, again not my problem. I will get the exact pps exit point when im ready to exit. And i will be watching for anyone doing a fast market sale, since thats the only way, Now 3 times, to get shares under 8.

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      • I haven't spoken to Clay. I left a voicemail at the number given on the website and also emailed him (volunteering to help in the Kenya project). Both times, I didn't hear back. I am not bothered by that nor did I say that I was even thinking of selling. The stock fell from 12 cents to 7 cents because vboy sold. No biggie there.

        From my vantage point, I only know about Clay from others. So, I am just laying out the possibilities for me. I know they are legit and hence I bought and hold through this trough. There are two types of CEOs. There are those that grab opportunity by the horns and dance with it and there are others who have a deer in the headlights look when opportunity knocks them on their head. All I am saying is I hope Clay is the former as it will be a great shame if he can't take advantage of what he has in front of him.

        However, somethings I do expect and that is the balance sheet, a filing with the SEC and an application for an OTC exchange listing in the next 3-4 weeks. AND Joe better not put out another clunker PR "BMGP completes audit, everything looks in order and good for OTC upgrade. Oh, did I say they only have a $8 million market cap and I think they will do very well. To the moon Alice!"...I will call Wake Forest up and tell them to retract his MBA and remove him from their alumni list....