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  • betasplen1 betasplen1 Jul 19, 2011 3:22 PM Flag

    Who is trying to unload

    871K shares at 0.042? Come on! We have another LOI - time to take it to the moon. And you're already selling Clay? 100% is enough for you? Who would have thought?

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    • BIEL board? I haven't been on that MB since last summer when I dumped the last of my shares. There's no reason for me to be on an MB of a stock I don't own. I'll stop visiting this board too once I sell everything.

      Seems like you wasted a little of your time digging around to see where I've posted. Isn't that what you just criticized me for doing? However, you got it wrong. I didn't waste a second digging up stuff about you. Someone, I assume from this board, sent me nuggets about you (e.g. name, e-mail address) and a couple other bashers on this board. I have no idea why they sent it to me. I'm frickin' still trying to figure out how that person even got my e-mail address. It's completely unrelated to my user ID.

      Anyway, I'm done with you for now. My curry and naan are getting cold and I promised my wife I would take her kayaking (I live in Kailua, Hawaii - just thought I save you the trouble of digging ;)

    • Well, the former IR Rep's 1.5 million shares became unrestricted in June, and there was a blog update about BMGP today. Not sure if that's coincidence or not.

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      • Is this the best you two have. We need some better bashers. They never post about who may have purchased these shares, but then that doesn't fit into their agenda. Apparently, when some individuals have loses in a stock, the only way they can feel good about themselves is to post messages like these. What goes around comes around.

        No one ever stated this would be a easy investment to make money in. However we all can agree that they would not be involved with LA, unless they were vetted. There are always hiccups along the way and of course a over optimistic outlook. I believe they have learned from their mistakes. Under capitialized companies are always rocky. If you believe in the concept and little good luck, the rewards are tremdous.

        Now hopefully our two little friends here, somehow grow the FUK up. The last thing you have is your integrity and posting messages like there's shows how little they have left.