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  • arql07 arql07 Oct 6, 2012 11:38 AM Flag

    CRADA signed in June 2011

    "With further research, scientists at LANL believe that a portable biosensor can become a reality and could greatly improve field-based detection of active tuberculosis infection, a critical need in combating the spread of this infectious disease."

    A reality, which means they had something to work on. Could that take an additional 18 months, I THINK SO! They only had one biomarker back then for TB. Now two is our understanding, which vmax is very fast to react to, in the past. He doesn't want you to fully understand that this just wasn't ready two years ago. That is clear from this article.

    Have a good weekend and keep your finers crossed and it's very important that vamx lead all investors away from the realities. What a smuck.

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    • It's not the IOBS/CRADA or the technology I have an issue's bmgp.

      I'm quite sure LANL is fully capable of resolving any issues with their technology....the part I don't understand is why they're putting up with bmgp....

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      • "I'm quite sure LANL is fully capable of resolving any issues with their technology"

        Simply you ignored the truth here Vmax. BMGP could not move this forward until the science caught up. That is so clear in this CRADA agreement. This CRADA agreement was signed in June 2011, correct?

        That would mean, that anything the company PR'd prior to it, as moot. Meaning they may have got excited too early. Can Vmax produce one piece of hype after June 2011 that shows that the company misled investors about the IBOS?

        They maybe got ahead of themselves, with the help of JN. Did they learn more as they went along? When did they find out that two years was needed to have this fully ready for testing? I believe that happen shortly before this Crada agreeement. The hype we bought originally was now updated in the CRADA in June 2011. This sat on a shelf and until Clayton put a spark into it, paid the fees and raised additional issues, like the 100 test needed to make it affordable to third world countries. No the company did not come out directly and say, this is going to be another two years.

        I'm seeing a company that maybe thought they could advance something, but as things moved forward, they realized that it was a longer road to do it right the first time. They informed investors with this, with the CRADA update. This is a feasible conclusion. This explains a lot of stuff.

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