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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Oct 19, 2012 11:14 AM Flag

    Arql makes a great point

    There were many references to stalag on the Zhuhai Revenues post on Sept17/18. Which other id is stalag that day? That would be helpful. Did anyone else notice how fast they want to bury this item.

    Stalag had another id, what was it? Why are all the pumpers on that day, calling a Id stalag? Vmax should easily point out the other id. It could be the iron id. The answer that Gammar gives that day, is specifically direct to whom?

    What Id on that message was vmax? Then we can all look back through at whether vmax was deeper into the game.

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    • No one is trying to bury anything. Its all still on the front page. Geez
      Vmax admitted he was Stalag. He also claims he lost his stalag id due to yahoo. If that is true then under this new yahoo format the posts are also removed. Ive lost a yahoo Id for not using it for a long time, and the posts were all removed. So going back to any older posts, and some things dont make sense when posts get removed. I did not come on to defend vmax. I too have been told I was an insider and the company guy because I would still come around once in a while most left. Ive even been called out that the pps dropped after I added and "now look how down you are". I also was told I come only around run ups, when 9 of 10 posts are on red days not green. Some post, and just want people to believe things.

      If Vmax was really Stalag then he is as guilty as those hes calling out recently. When its quet around here for too long, its only a matter of time before we see the theorist come out. Why would vmax admit he was stalag when longs left know hes now moved to the dark side. This is why I only pop in once in awhile. There could be even more parts of those conversation from others that are missing as well. Ive spent enough time reading a confusing board and will check back again someday.