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  • arql07 arql07 Nov 29, 2012 3:02 PM Flag

    Not one share today

    Where is everyone? Low volume, low post correlation. Don't get depressed. We had plentity of volume weeks ago. Did they load up, waiting to unload into news? Who controls most of the shares? Someone has to be sitting on 50M shares.

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    • Had a run in with Paul. It seems they get a little testy if you ask about anything verifiable or real. Paul stated to me, "don't you think we want this to be real".

      Near 40M shares traded in 40 days, now nothing. Strange.

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      • Paul stated to me, "don't you think we want this to be real".

        Well Paul, frankly I don't think you want anything except the gravy train to keep running. You've wasted every opportunity and wrecked the company while not accomplishing one thing, and now you have a temper fit. I think everything went according to plan from day one.

      • Billy, the problem with them being testy is who cares? When they decided to be a public company and take investors money, then they cant be testy about what they have done or going to do with it. All public companies would want nothing more than to believe anything thats good.What Paul and Clayton fail to realize is that is doesnt matter what they want or hope for. Therir responsibilty to you guys is there whether there fail or not. Not the other way around. You are not the responsible party to gather outdated or useful information. So if they get frustrated with anyone inquiring about "their" investment, is shows they only want to avoid the pitfalls, but will make noise when their is good to make noise about. These guys dont realize thats not how it works. So what if they dont want to pr about funds that havent hit bank accounts yet. Is that the only update you provide about what has happend the last 6 months. So even if the funds run up this stock, where is the updates just to those who have paid for months for what they have done? Even if its going in the office once a week just to check to see if theyve been robbed. Our many deserves even that update.

        BMGP owes shareholders steady updates for nothing else, than for taking money from us, even though we all sit and wait together. The private sector would not have provided this opportunity. So once you are public, you owe more than just homerun balls. And if they are testy, put the investors money in an escrow account and lets all wait out your blackouts together. Sorry if you choose one side, you have to live to that.