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  • vmax40grain vmax40grain Dec 15, 2012 8:53 PM Flag

    one single ounce of ounce of biofuel?

    one pumper who can produce a single shred of evidence that bmgp/clayton hardman have produced a single thing but pump dump false and misleading press releases and dilutive shares??

    I've noticed the talk has moved away from lanl/ that indicative that my emails have had some effect? Has LANL finally done something to distance themselves from associations with convicted securities fraudsters?

    c'mon here billy...your chance to shine....what can you produce that indicates bmgp is anything more than a pump dump scheme which takes advantage of hopeful retails by stealing their money?

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    • but zhuhai was supposedly operaional back in 2010! "biofuel deliveries could begin in days" said clayton hardman ceo of bmgp a medical diagnostics company.....

    • Vmax,

      I just think you need to be accountable for your actions. There are no questions I can answer about BMGP. Unlike stalag 2010, I don't pretend to have any answers. They either finance this or we move on. Simple as that. If anyone followed my advice, they could have bought a large chuck below .002 and sold anytime they wanted at a profit. I have been critical of the Hardmans, I feel with the help of JN they did try to pump this up. I believe what they did was unethical. But will totally forgive them if they some how find funding.

      From where I sit, you don't have one ounce of common sense.

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    • Chewy,

      It's deeper than that. The only real pumper left from 2010 is stalag...aka vmax. Something just doesn't add up with this guy. Most investors can explain things, this guy has a very dark side. Willing to erase his posts and spend hundreds of hours researching information. But zero work when he states he owns shares. Who does that? He states he knew JN's reputation, but still invested in BMGP. He's saids that he has been burned before with pennys and he knows all their tricks.

      He calls me a pumper, but in 2010 he's just misinformed investor.

      I'm glad I averaged down, also. I hold out hope they get funded. The odds are extreme.

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      • Something DOESN'T add up...such as 'vmax attacks' by you and 'other' 'positive posters' in lieu of something solid pertaining to this company and its business prospects...(which I know doesn't exist)....

        What didn't add up were bmgp/clayton hardman false and misleading press releases and dilution he stated would not happen and shares issued to stock promoters and securities fraud felons and un-named rule 504 reg d texas exemption shares and 'chinese' acquisitions which were owned by canadian citizens and $700,000+ in equipment purchases and installations which have yet to return a single penny of revenue to those who believed the hardmans' lies....

        You attack me and anyone who agrees with me yet you refuse to discuss past company activities/associations and conjure stories that I'm somehow involved in ripping off my own money....

        Many things don't add up....starting with you btx....

    • We all waiting for that one single piece of information. As for lanl distancing themselves, last week I spent sometime with their web page and without BMGP, IBOS is going no where. I bet you thought in 2010, that you single handly moved BMGP's share price from .10 to .20.

      Still not getting my shares. How much you lose stalag? No one should have listen to you in 2010 and no one should be listening now. You're never correct.

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      • vmax is mad he lost money. He knows some of us stayed around when the pps plummeted. Would it have saved us grief if we had sold right away? Sure. But at the end of the day, based on the last trade I am UP overall due to dollar cost averaging. It took a while (couple of years) but I am up. Vmax is mad at that. He lost money so we all should is his belief.

    • Who ends up with the shell and who ends up with the patents will be a telling story...the patents which were acquired with shareholder money and the shell which now is tainted by clayton and paul hardman's lies....

      This will prove interesting indeed.....