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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Jan 14, 2013 8:17 AM Flag


    Little reserach and see what I found. How's Dr. WON-Gil-Choe doing vmax? Glass reinforced composite plastic, interesting. I found where hornett22 posted 17 messages in a row on Ihub. How's that 1/2000 reverse split working out. Looks like VAPR is trading at .16 bid.

    Interesting how vmax was ahead of the curve on SRPX, seems that hornett22 has 2 decades of chemical plant oil refining experience.

    How is it that vmax/stalag/hornet22 is right in the middle of thousands of posts pumping and bashing?

    You must be like a magnetic, how these fraudulent companies seem to find you.

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    • Had to go looking 8 pages for this. I believe vmax no likey this in view. He cannot explain any of his actions. The biggest basher is also the dumbest investor. cannot have those two things link together. Glad that Whogotdataudit, found the post by stalag and preserved it.

      How is that vmax pumped two RTO's? Why did he call the CEO of VAPR? He would need a $152 stock value to get too breakeven.

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    • Vapr moved to .24. Vmax only needs another $152.76 to breakeven on each of his shares. Why is he calling the new CEO? Maybe to ask for his money back. It seems right after getting it handed to him on TTCH, he immediately ramped up his pumps on BMGP and their China deals.

      This is like you buying a lemon car, it falls apart and you go and buy the same exact car again.

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    • The negative stuff has increased. We have another former pumper,now claiming deal fell through, that they will dilute above the 200M authorized shares. Every scare tactic in the world is being thrown at this board. To distance themself from BD, we have bad dogg humpying his leg.

      This is the strangest thing I have ever seen. We have one former pumper, who had just lost on a RTO, jump right into another RTO, not for one second question anything in 2009/2010. Today he questions everything. In fact he's reminds us daily. This is better than going to the movies, with so many sub plots, all interwoven. We also have longs dangling carrots they heard or researched.

      Just glad I bought the large popcorn with free refills. I was cut off from the theatrics, so now I sit here with my milk duds and watch it from the cheap seats. The worst part about this picture, you cannot figure out who are the good guys. Everyone has a shady past.

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    • Interesting how vmax will not respond to this post. After getting it handed to him on TTCH, vmax jumped at the opportunity to pump the BMGP china deals. He didn't for one second remember how badly it turned out for him the first time, believing anything out of China.

      Well I guess vmax threw caution to the wind. Here he had another opportunity to promote the china deals to the BMGP board. I wonder once this collaspes, will we longs behave in the same manner that vmax choose. I mean, will we immediately find another penny with ties to china deals and begin immediately to unconditionally promote this other company?

      Wreckless with his own investments we see time after time vmax right in the mix with seveal bad investments. TTCH,BIEL,BMGP,VAPR,SRPX

      Not one issued raised by vmax on BMGP's china deals, in fact stalag actually was the spokeschild for these deals. Not to mention that vmax was aware of JN's reputation, he ignore every red light and pumped BMGP sometime, 10 times a day.

      Must be nice to be stupid and ignorant. Today he calls the CEO's of the new formed TTCH and spends 20 minutes with him on the phone. Well this is the same fella that believed that TTCH had exhausted all the glass reinforced composite plastic opportunities in china and now needed to head to America for growth.

      Is vmax really this stupid? Maybe, vmax spend two decades sniffing the oil refining fumes and this leads to a moral decay of the brain.

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    • Have you found anything else?

      Why out of the blue did hornet22 post a message OT about SRPX on the TTCH board?

      Well if VAPR gets to $152 a share, vmax is even stevens on his investment there.


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    • If you go to VAPR on Ihub, the same guy crying about TTHM, now plugging VAPR. TTHM became VAPR.

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      • Vmax,

        Why did you call the new CEO of TTCH, now VAPR? The reverse split of 1 for 2000, would seem to make any holdings almost worthless. What I mean, if you had 20,000 shares of TTCH, you now have 10 shares of VAPR. (10 x .16= $1.60). The phone call to the new CEO cost you more than what those shares are worth.

        How come you didn't have a wake up call to BMGP china deals, TTCH had already gone bust with it's pr's. Just strange that you decided in 2010 to pump BMGP, after getting taken on TTCH. I guess you can't teach a old dog new tricks.

        I love the PR from TTCH that stated they had exhausted all the piping business in China and were set to start selling in the USA. You bought that cr*pola. Looks like you started your DD after that stock fell apart. Do you think you have a gullibility problem?????????

        Last question how much of a role did you play in the hyping of TTCH, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being equal to the role you played in BMGP in 2010. I would think a smart guy like you, after getting taken on TTCH, that you would have done some DD immediately on BMGP, but instead you rolled up your sleeves and pumped BMGP even more.

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