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  • buttcreme buttcreme Feb 1, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    Dont be fooled by the two guys and their bashing. If this gets started

    I bleive its going to be around a $2 million first round. Immediately followed by $25 million, and then at a point in that second point, then gets another $75 million. That gets a lot of action for the next 12 months. At the completion and full capacity they would be looking at a couple heavy hitters at multiple $100 millions of dollars. A million shares down here should be well over the dollar by 2014. I believe the calcualtions that I have put together should be rather close, if their funding partners do the levels that most of us are hearing about.

    Just my opions senoirs. 12 months from when they can finally pr, cash is in our account
    $2 million initial depost sees arond .30 price
    $25 million once step one gets to a certain point .55 - .75 price
    $75 million just like step two whne spot is reached $1 - $1.50 price

    beyound 12 months
    interested parties with a couple hundred million to fund global operations
    year two to year 5
    $5 to $25 price for BMGP shares,

    If they are waiting for cash in the account before going out big on it, thats fine. Once that day shows up, they feel everyone who has waitied, believed, and held in there thorough this pain, will be very happy they did. IMO if it was going to fall through it would have by now.

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