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  • Once BMGP gets funding, they have 5M shares of the PVA company. What will that be worth. Let's say the PVA goes public at $20 a share. That is a $100M windfall for investors of BMGP. The PVA growth could be astronomical, driving the share price of the PVA to $50 a share, giving BMGP investors a $250M cash or marketable securities. That's $1.25 a share value. This doesn't include the IBOS which the same bashers once valued at $6 a share. Now taking in consideration dilution that would value IBOS at $3 a share and the PVA around $1.25 a share. We could be looking at a $4 stock in two years.

    This is what a pump looks like moron. I think current investors have been careful with what they say. Tempelariat is right about one thing, this was pumped by morons. Starting with him and stalag in 2009. I guess maybe that's what he was hinting at.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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