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  • rileyandcass rileyandcass Jun 6, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    New name or new poster

    Member since 10mins. ago. This person will influence longs.
    If you guys are so wrapped up in suing Noel, then go do it.
    So far it is just noise on replay.

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    • They like to make vail threats. I notice each time that it's somewhat directed at longs. Bush league tactics.

      My theory here is that temps and vmax only get paid if they get replies. They would love for this to turn into a biel board.

      For scotty, my first 15K shares, not doing so good. The next 1,175,000....hanging in there. Without JN, I'd only own 1/4000 of BMGP, because of JN I own 1/200. Pretty cool. Now all they have to do is get financing.

      Beem me up scotty. My last reply to you, since you have zero crediability like vmax the ambulance chaser.

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      • 1 Reply to billyteex1
      • My only point was JN published a lot of statements for events that were supposed to happen, that did not. I'm sure he profited, I did not. I'm down $5k on paper. I don't expect to recover that. No agenda here. I don't know why my displeasure in JN would lead to such ridiculous posts as wanting to sue him. I think what he did is wrong and possibly illegal. I'm sure a lot of others are in the same position.

    • Longs...are you serious...I'm a "long" and not doing to good. How is your long position doing