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  • arql07 arql07 Nov 7, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    Stalag 2010 history

    Had the time to go back and piece a few things from 2010. Certain replies to vmax and his character are not actually erased. It shows a pumper who led the charge on the China deals. It also shows his behavior towards anyone who questioned BMGP in 2009. Ruthless is what vmax was back then. Blind as a bat. Only seen it his way.

    If Paul said so, it must be true. After all, he has the same genes as his Navy Seal dad. Stalag, you are not as naive as you make yourself out to be. Come on! If it squeaks, poops and urinates all over, and spreads deadly diseases, it's got to be a rat! You have been honest here on what your thoughts are on this pinkie operation.

    Before I get a bevy of longs asking why I am here, let me state that I am looking for either a trade from the 2s or to go long if the mother of miracles unfolds. So, far it is a 'rodent'ary mess!

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • board after board caustic stalag whines-----

      But it's ok stalag-----you're free to call me whatever you choose to. I understand you're upset
      but it's aimed in the wrong direction. However, if you vent towards me, I hope you end up feeling better about your lot in life and your choices of pink stocks you choose.

      Have a very Merry Christmas

      the troll

      It seems that vmax has a history of pointing his finger at anyone who disagrees with him. See if you don't see it his way, your wrong. In 2009/2010...he attached this concerned investor.

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      • Hey Judge Stalag???? Tell me about the LOIs and deals of China 2008, the bright dairy and the Gates grant applications of 2009. Judge that while you're judging and whining the other boards you hypocritical wonder.

        The china deals that Stalag spoke so highly in 2010 and today condemns the moves. Specially after getting taken on TTCH. This is like getting electrocuted and the following day, acting like it never happen. Makes you wonder about the character of the man.