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  • lew1955 lew1955 Mar 1, 2005 10:43 PM Flag

    Only one person

    Some comments here.So you are proud that you've been short since 32-great,you just left the first $4 of MANY on the table-real smart.Greed kills-nuff said.I see you also imagine 20 and change as a brick wall-let me clear that up for you.Yes,it is the top of the upper channel in this falling wedge pattern,just as 15.50-15.70 was the lower channel band.Now here is a bad surprize for you upper channels are frequently broken on falling wedge patterns(see airt and countless others),as I feel this one will be.When the channel top is broken,it will be a parabolic move,probably calling for a severely parabolic posting of whining-like you have today.Where will the stock truly stop? I believe about $30-leaving you about $2 of what could have been a $17 profit,Einstein.Watch and learn.P.S.,I'm long from 16,05,and 16.50-and unlike you,at 30, I'll TAKE my large profits.

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    • I am sure those reports had absolutely nothing to do with the move today.

      no news no follow thru tomorrow

      Great. Your in the green. TODAY
      Weekly MACD chart says MORE DOWNSIDE!

      You might bump RSI 70..maybe NOT!

      • 1 Reply to imsone2005
      • guess what idiot...the weekly macd chart of course wouldn't confirm anything...not after one day...but I guess it would after it gets over 25...then if you are will have your azz kicked hard as it gets there...I will be happy selling at least 21 though...I repeat, I don't know what chart you are looking at...the resistance is clearly over 20.02...near 21