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  • csaintswin csaintswin Apr 11, 2008 7:08 PM Flag

    Don't post too much so we can get more

    $8 is gonna be cheap at $12 yes $12-$13 s/ the close on Monday.

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    • where are you getting your short nbrs from?yahoo shows only 37k short.

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      • Check the nasdaq website. Its accurate and current.

        Retail short interest is 45000 shares. Thats 2% of the float.

        Compound that with for example UBSS's naked short interest

        LEH's naked short interest. Naked short interest is in the millions. Borrowed from long shareholders without declaration.

        Just add all the market makers who are naked short and you will see this stock up to 25 bucks by wednesday! I said to all of you if the earnings were to come in 13 cents or better this stock would see the eye of the needle for buyers.

        They are going to need to cover over each other to close out their naked short positions. They are going to scramble.

        Option writing is going to be very active on monday as market makers scramble to cover naked short positions.

        The corporate Market Maker the one responsible keeping the market for Phazar is going to take out the other market makers who have been playing havoc with our stock over the last year.

        Finally our main Market Maker will be able to displace them all on Monday and breakout to new record highs!

    • thx for the kind words.i like t his play better.lower float and the potential for contracts make it a much more explosive play.rfil mgmt much more talkative tho.

    • 27 cents in earnings for the first 9 months of 2008.

      Not bad. Now add another 12-15 cents or more next quarter and you are hitting higher numbers across the board.

      40-42 cents in earnings for 2008.
      60-75 cents in earnings for 2009.

      An expansion of the earnings PE multiple is in order now.
      Expanding the earnings PE ratio is now going to be higher.

      Sales expansion of 120% from last years quarter, sales nearly tripled from 2007. Higher earnings from last quarter was 170% from last quarters 5 cents in earnings.

      We deserve a 100 PE ratio of the rate of growth in sales and earnings! Just my take on earnings growth and sales!!

      Our stock on earnings of 40 cents with a 100 PE multiple is

      40 BUCKS a share.

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      • philsie where are you? Short? Too bad my friend. I have great respect for you and you continue to be a very big negative to this forum. Wan? Where are you? Ralph? Where are you? The earnings are spectacular and none of you are present this evening. Just like my other best friend who did not even know earnings were out this evening. You all either have no more stock left because you all sold out thinking this was the top.

        I believe in Phazar Antenna Products is on the cusp of something even bigger. A contract for radio mesh technology is coming to our doorstep in 2009. Secondly they listed stock options on Phazar for good reason. The main Market Maker on Phazar requested it.

        Open Interest on the 7.50's and the 10's looking forward in July and October were very very high this week. The stock options were already signalling a major move from positive news this week.

        Congratulations my fellow shareholders we have great upside potential. Wan has sold out already with his friend Ralph.

        If they did not already sell they are massively short. They have been playing Phazar between the lulls and the spikes. This time around the spike will leave them behind forever and without stock. I truely believe Philsie is short in a major way. Time to cover your short position basher!

      • Diamond - you are spewing the same hype that has been spewed on the ANTP boards for years after good earnings. Phazar is not deliver consistent results and there is no way it should trade at 100 PE. 10 PE is reasonable. RFIL is a more solid and consistent company with similar float... and more cash per share with no debt and it trades below 5. ask PlayNasdaq