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  • arewethisstupid arewethisstupid Aug 27, 2012 3:24 PM Flag

    Does Crown Castle Intl (CCI) use ANTP for DAS Antennas?

    If No, Why doesn't any Phazar Execs drive to CCI HQ in Houston and try to drum up some business...CCI just completed its buyout of NextG.....

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    • I think that would take some effort on their part. I believe that's against company policy. The only effort authorized is to show up on pay day....conserving energy for the following pay day.
      How's "Mr. New Business"....the cowboy that knew "ranching" which should roll right into knowing "Antennas". All these people should run for Congress....they got it nothing Clowny boys (and girl).
      Just saying

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    • Good question. Get in the car and go close a deal. I'm not so good with math, but it seems that a 17% increase in SG&A this quarter should produce better than a 6% decrease in revenue and a 35%(!!!!) decrease in backlog. Don't sales people get paid on commission? How much of our money is Garland leaving with after the bang-up job he did at the helm? Can't wait for the 10-Q.

      Another question: despite the horrific quarter, who would possibly part with their shares today for 201 pennies given the 13-D that was filed late Friday?

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      • Yes, you are correct....Since 2008 with Garland Asher and Deborah Inzer at the helm, both newcomers to Phazar, the company has wasted nearly $2 million in doomed projects and created negative business deals. The Tracciare deal is very suspect to invest 75% of all Cash in a Development Stage Startup....In addition the 8% interest is another red flag, usually a Ponzi-type deal....There (Tracciare) website is all mumble-jumbo with no product....If Traciarre turns out to be a fraud both Boaz and Hulsizer should be criminally indicted and Asher too...I also believe the Wireless Mesh Project, The $500,000 doomed from the start project was another fraud with all these scrupulous private contracting fees.....I wonder if Boaz and Hulsizer were the private contractors on that too....I am surprised that this sleepy Board of Directors did not fire Asher for the Tracciare Deal alone...Its Reckless and Gross Negligence....I mean why didn't the #$%$ (Asher) just buy AT&T or Verizon Shares and earn a nearly 50% price appreciation and a 5% dividend and both are in the Wireless Space......I hope I am wrong on the Tracciare deal and Phazar gets back its original investment, but it sure looks and sounds like an investment only a retard CEO or a Complicent CEO would make.....Anyways, this new investor with tons of wireless experience is the only bright spot.