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  • jpizon jpizon Oct 21, 2002 2:28 PM Flag


    up squat? try down about 8% at the moment, wtf is up with this POS

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    • I know. And I am watching blocks going through under the bid.

      What if uncle Craig figures no news is better for his election. So he calls dubya and requests that dubya call talk to Mr Pitt. The request is that someone put this case under the pile on their desk until after the election.

      I really had a hard time figuring that any of this had to do with the election but here we are two weeks before the election and no number and no good reason for not releasing them.

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      • reconcile_apples_2_oranges reconcile_apples_2_oranges Oct 21, 2002 6:50 PM Flag

        CPA? Titular Saint here! Howdy!

        I say!

        PROVE that placing the Enterasys audit on the bottom of the pile wasn't inadvertent. PROVE IT!!!!! If you can't, it was . . . perverted. So there!

        Don't give me that 'government mandate' thing.

        Stop that whining! Stop it! Whining is not attractive in young women. (Not you, CPA, I'm talking to my daughter.) That's as big as it gets, baby-doll, honest! Now, RESPECT YOUR ELDERS. Bend over and RESPECT I say, and repeat after me: Whining is unattractive, whining is unattractive, whining is, whining whining whining . . .