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  • MULAYO MULAYO Apr 28, 1998 6:39 PM Flag

    To Buy OR Not To Buy

    I have difficult time deciding whether I should BUY this stock. I would appreciate if you can give me the PROS and CONS of owning this STOCK.


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    • I might be learning, but it is only because I had a great teacher. Thanks.


    • Hi Amatuer

      I think that going to the
      sidelines is a good idea, until you can figure out if the
      bulls oe bears are in control. I see that I will have
      to re- read TRADING FOR A LIVING.

      to hear that you broke your string of sucessful
      winning trades, but feel that you are learning. This is
      very gratifying to me.


    • Thanks for writting a thoughtful response. I just got back from a week of vacation so I will write back when I get a chance.


    • Hi Dunlosing,

      I can't tell whether the
      Bulls or Bears have control of PAIR and ADPT, so I
      believe that I will do as Dr. Elder suggest - "go to the
      sideline until it is clear". KMET looks like the Bulls are
      slightly in control. Until I can clearly tell which way
      the spec is going, I believe I will stay on the
      sidelines. Two others of interest is AKLM and PTEN. I just
      made money off of AKLM, but alas I lost my successful
      string of trades with NTAIF. I couldn't tell what was
      going on with the stock. However, I believe that if you
      buy and sell on NTAIF using only the Wm%R you would
      do well. But there are better behaved stocks, that
      are easier to read. I'm going back into AKLM when I
      get a buy signal. And I will be out of the country
      starting the 21st, so I hope that you can keep the market
      going by yourself. Don't let it go into a correction
      until I get back, about June 9.


    • Hi Amatuer

      Yesterday I got a buy signal
      on ADPT, except for the stochastic. Today it went
      away. No more thoughts on PAIR. It still looks good
      with a potential to 23 or 24.


    • stock moving in a down market... 14 1/4 now

    • Yesterday there were four more CS press releases that don't show up on Yahoo. Go to
      Enter CS, click on company news.

    • Come to Papa, you dog! Fall back to $13 1/4 for
      me so that I can buy you again and sell you at $14
      1/4. If you don't want to run with the big dogs like
      Cisco and Ascend, then stay in the

      Real-Time Quote
      Symbol Change Last Bid Ask
      CS -1/4
      13 3/4 13 3/4 13 7/8
      High 14 1/16 Volume 354,000

      Low 13 3/4 Open 14
      Bid Size 10 Close N/A
      Size 108 Time 11:34
      Symbol type EQUITY Exchange N

    • Real-Time Quote
      Symbol Change Last Bid Ask

      CS -1/4 13 3/4 13 3/4 13 13/16
      High 14 1/16
      Volume 276,600
      Low 13 3/4 Open 14
      Bid Size 15
      Close N/A
      Ask Size 5 Time 10:58

      Come on you
      dog! Fall down some more so I can buy you back at $13
      1/4 and sell you again at $14 1/4. If you won't run
      with the big dogs then I will treat you like the
      little dog that you are!

    • NetPhone, Cabletron Ink VoIP Deal

      Newsbytes - May 06, 1998 16:53


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      LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, U.S.A., 1998 MAY 6 (NB) -- Telecom
      Roundup. NetPhone, Inc. and Cabletron Systems
      will partner on technology to provide integrated voice
      and data networking services. NetPhone will add its
      over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology to
      Cabletron's SmartSwitch 2000, 6000 and 9000 switching

      The firms are showing the merged
      technology in action at booth 5041 at Networld+InterOp held
      here this week. It is the first
      attempt by either
      firm to join in the IP telephony market.

      Cabletron's new plug-in module based on VoIP technology from
      NetPhone is called the SmartVoice HSIM (High
      Interface Module). SmartVoice HSIM is compatible with the
      SmartSwitch 2000, 6000 and 9000 switching chassis. It can
      used to transfer as many as 24 simultaneous telephone
      calls from small to medium sized branch offices over an
      Internet protocol
      (IP)-based corporate intranet to a
      corporations data center simply by plugging existing PBXs into
      Cabletron's SmartSwitch
      series of products.

      Reported by Newsbytes News Network: .

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