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  • clearsky10 clearsky10 Apr 1, 2011 3:40 PM Flag

    LDK bought sopw @.25/s & sopw agrees

    which means both LDK & SOPW both agree that sopw is only worth .25/s at least 70% of it ... honestly. And they are satisfied with this ... really.

    See ref:

    Why at that price? Well Y10 report for the year shows that sopw's revenue, net income, and cash flow over 4 qtrs was less than the previous 4 consecutive qtrs. See:

    which is equivalent to:
    SOPW.OB .53 -(-)(-)[4321:4321 987] 34<: 52.5 47 18; (8.9)<(6.9 8.7 7.2)m; (1.7)<(2.8 .9 4.6)m;

    Also, two of largest solar companies have expanded their operations & manufacturing capability allowing them to be more cost effective so that they can offer their solar panels more cheaply undercutting SOPW and LDK.

    I would appreciate it if you do not remove this message. Someone removed mine earlier.

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    • Yikes... there's some knowledge of basic finance missing here. SOPW agreed to sell the stake to LDK because they were short on cash and needed a lifeline. Now, with LDK's cash and implicit backing, it's worth substantially more.

      Also, there's no way to remove posts from this forum. The reason you might not see it here is if it's rated 1-star (in which case you can change your settings to see it). Yahoo also prevents some posts that have profanity or links to websites they haven't approved.

    • Don't be posting such nonsense and maybe it won't be removed.

      25 cents is what LDK valued SOPW shares at BEFORE they dumped $33 Million into it. If you were holding $33M to put into a company would you define the post value as your entry point. NO !

      You buy a rundown house for $20,000 then put $40,000 into improvements. Is the house still worth $20,000 ? See how ridiculous that is ?

      If someone comes along and offers you $20,000 for that house you would probably tell them to get lost, or would you ?

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