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  • brooksmax1 Feb 27, 2014 9:12 AM Flag

    Should I wait to buy more?

    I want to buy more, but not sure if I should hold out. Predictions on if it will drop before that next spike?

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    • You want to lose money---buy as much as you can. The whole bitcoin seal is a fantasy. There are thousands of other stocks which deal in real situations. You might try one of those.

    • The bitcoin trading in Japan is the group that need protection, got nothing much to do with Bitcoin shop, this bitcoin amazon can take bitcoin or it can take currency like others, also it got the TouchIT company to run. At this price it is at 0 already to begin with, I think it will benefit investors, I've been double and hold tide, I wish you all on board with all my best wishes........

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      • Felt that the bottom was $1.43, and with the disastrous week, it seems to have stabilized above $1.35.

        On the other hand, BTC prices should have completely collapsed to below $300 after last week - but for some reason, they did not. There is clearly pent up demand, and a core of folks who believe that a BTC - whatever it is - is some sort of commodity or curiosity that will have monetary or collectible value over the next 5 years.

        If BTC was going to be "over", it should have collapsed last week completely. But people like Richard Branson and Marc Andreeson who speak out in favor of BTC's value can't be dismissed. I have BTCs and will buy more if the price stabilizes.

        New ticker and web site coming - ?BTCS?. I suppose that the stock probably can't go much lower tomorrow with the volume drop seen after $1.40. If you're brave and want to jump in, tomorrow is it.

        I might average down a bit more at this price, but this is pure speculating now. Still, if BTC ever catches on even remotely, BTCS would be the AMAZON of BTC. Hey you never know.

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    • it's range bound between $1.60 and $4.20 you decide your next move