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  • purple.orbit purple.orbit Jan 30, 2014 7:25 PM Flag

    management has a responsibility

    buy shares tomorrow morning- if pvct is such a wonderful co, invest in it. by not doing so, dees et al are sending a message- and it ain't a good one.

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    • If I am the management, I won't buy any share. But I will do another secondary to take your hard earned money. PVCT has not spoken one single word about the crash of last few days. Clearly pvct is not working for investors but for themselves.

    • Haven't they been exercising all the options over the last 5 years? Then I think they had a couple of direct purchases through the PVT placement and Open Market.

    • ya thats what it means

    • Sure
      They keep all their investments liquid?
      Purple.... Sometimes I want to reach through this phone I post with and smack you on the forehead

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      • It's easy to dismiss what Purple says by continuing your role as an apologist for Dees and implying that he simply doesn't have the liquidity to raise enough money to buy his own stock but at some point his inability to do anything to slow the onslaught against this company does get a little old, worrisome and make one wonder what he thinks his role is.

        What's going on is, in part, an issue of confidence - and it's eroding faster than a beach in a hurricane.

        I am long the stock and have faith in the basics of the company but have said before that while he may be a great scientist and researcher he consistently demonstrates that he lacks the leadership skills to direct a publicly traded company especially when it is in peril. Simple acts of leadership seem to elude him and publicly raising his investment in the company is a simple act of leadership.

        The easiest way to bolster and help restore confidence would, as Purple said, be for him and the rest of mgmt team to dig in their pockets and pony up some cash - I'd really like to see them have some current skin in the game and demonstrate to the jackals feeding at the PVCT carcass that they believe in the company and are willing to back that belief with bucks.

      • cmon vorlon- you know it's a valid point. any ceo worth his salt would take action. like I said- i'll lend him the money at a lower interest rate than the shorts paid to borrow the shares.

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