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  • tejdem1 tejdem1 Jul 18, 2014 10:19 PM Flag

    For NTTG'a eyes only....sums it all up for Melanoma...

    Once PV-10 has been FDA-approved, I expect that caring oncologists will increasingly inject all melanoma with PV-10, in order to stimulate immunity, even if surgical resection of the tumors is planned. I expect that the eventual acquirer of Provectus will one day run a trial comparing Stage 1 and 2 melanoma patients' disease progression (or lack of it) comparing those who only had surgery with a group of patients who had PV-10 injections 2 weeks before surgery.

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    • Of course you think that way, what is your point? You keep describing the same small slice of the melanoma pie, citing the same feeble clinical data (even less convincing than the mouse data). The planned PIII will put an end to this foolishness, why do you think MGT keeps stalling the start?

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      • Stage 1 and 2 is small???? What % of melanoma patients have lesions? Weber said it might be perfect in combo... So that takes care of stage 4. Argwala proposed that a use could be before surgery for melanoma and after.....

        Wachter has invested all of his take home pay in the last 7 years about 3.6M dollars and used it to buy PVT placement stock and exercise all of his options. Culpepper has invested about 1M sollars over the last 7 years back into the company through PVT placement and exercise.

        So should I listen to NTTG or the experts? Should I just discount that Wachter has invested all his take home pay back into the company?

    • That is exactly what is going to happen. But oncologists and surgeons won't have to do it themseleves, their assistants will. Product is cheap, safe, easy to administrate. before/after surgery, before/after radiation, before/during/after cancer drug treatment...
      Only issue i see here is production not keeping up with demand.

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