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  • joebacala joebacala May 9, 2007 4:55 PM Flag

    Got my feet wet a little today....

    Just happened to see this stock on my brokers top 10 lossers list of the day.

    After reading the earnings report I can't understand why people freaked out (If you take out that NYX deal from a year ago). Got in at 22.38 and will add more if it comes down.

    Good luck to everyone.

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    • The 7% of the float that traded today was obviously owned by people who did not know what they were looking for.

      Folks, when you consider earnings you need to BACK OUT
      ONE TIME GAINS!!!!

      If you don't you will no doubt find yourself scratching your head when the numbers don't make sense every single quarter.

      For instance, today the company made 140,000+ on the value of NYX stock. Are you going to buy /sell the daily fluctuations?

      Meanwhile the company just raised income 20% or more in every single segment.

      I want one seller to step up and explain exactly why they sold. Do it rationally.

      I suspect nearly all trading today was herd mentality or shorts playing games.

      See everyone at $35.