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  • rasaccone rasaccone May 14, 2007 11:12 AM Flag

    Golden Buying Opportunity Here

    While the shorts try to bury SWS by playing numbers games they have created one of the best opportunities in the market IMO. This is as strong a financial firm as I've seen in its size. The growth rates tell me this is a $30 stock now and a $35 stock before the year ends. Only a fool sells this now.

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    • I am in at 24...are you sure its worth picking up more at these prices?

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      • There are lots of shorts intent on crushing this stock. They are preying on the naive investor's inability to distinguish between one time items and recurring sources of revenue. In my model I back out fluctuations created by daily swings in stocks they own and focus on the core business. Anytime I can get a company that is growing profits in all divisions at 20% or better at huge discount because of stupid people selling or people looking only at squiggly chart lines I pounce. In 1 year I think this stock will trade in the mid 30's. They are simply growing too fast to trade at this big a discount to that growth rate. And if NYX goes back to 100 or better this stock trades into the 40's. Look at those fools who threw this away at this same time last year and the 100% gain they missed out on because they didn't know what they were doing.

        All my opinion of course.