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  • lou62m lou62m Oct 20, 2010 4:03 PM Flag


    I owned this stock a while back.
    Been watching last few weeks.
    Waiting for downtrend to end.
    Today new 52 week low arked the bottom.
    SWS hit 52 week low, turned higher and closed GREEN on heavy volume.
    SWS going higher IMO.

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    • We had a daily reversal on day I last posted.
      Today however marks a weekly reversal on heavy volume.
      SWS this week made a bottom and is going higher.
      Good luck longs!

      • 1 Reply to lou62m
      • Could make another reversal and head lower too!!! Anything can happen in this kind of market. Real Estate is killing everything because the Yobo's on wall st. used it to create their very own counterfeit currency in the form of the CDO. A masterful piece of fraud that no one yet seems to understand.

        They cannot revive the real estate money machine because everyone now knows that it was a fantasy game. Unfortunately for all of us, those wall st. firms traded in billions, no trillions of dollars worth of those phoney CDO's with Fannie and Freddie (who are now holding them) for real paper money. Which a lot of has probably been changed into gold long ago.

        You are royally screwed and you will take it and like it. Thanks to the Bushy boys. The one who jumped out of that airoplane and left that poor kid in the back seat to die (a real hero that Bushy was), and the progeny , who learned how to fly but never left the safety of home. Yup, they gave the store away .

        Have a nice day.