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  • lesspheus lesspheus Jan 24, 2011 12:21 PM Flag

    Think for yourselves

    I just put in a bid to buy 10,000 at $4.38. Right away others join me on the bid side. I know nothing. I just want some more of this dog. Don't buy because I want to buy. Perhaps you will help me and my order will not get filled and I may avoid further pain here.

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    • Well I'm in there with you and a bit deeper. I think we'll have to wait probably to early next year to reap reward if it's to be. If any significant bad news develops I'll take my loss and count it as just the price of playing. I've got a good record of winning more than losing on speculation so it's all in the game. I hit a home run on SWS a few years ago when it run way up during the Tech craze so I can afford to give back some if it turns out to be a mistake this time. WW

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      • I still have my core position, but I am out of the trade from yesterday as of a few minutes ago. I eventually picked up 10K at $4.38 yesterday by being patient. I missed the pop early this morning. Then I put in a sell order at $4.49. SWS dipped down a few pennies and I did not want to miss the chance to make some extra cash today, so I lowered my sell to $4.45. When I got back to my PC the ask was $4.49. I made $700, but left $400 on the table if only I left my order alone. Still, a nearly 1.6% one day gain is a nice little boost. Sometimes I go in for a few pennies and then watch the stock make a real move. Since I can't really predict, I mix my strategies.