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  • s so attractive down here.

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    • Level 7 technology, Ric O'Chet! Catchy, happy,
      singing commercials! Low P/E! Great earnings!

      swear, if word ever gets out about this stock, it could
      easily double. (If they don't get bought out first :-/)

    • Great earnings report and we trade 6300 shares today...Hellooooo...

    • Lazarre..I seen it drop under 21 and placed a
      limit order to buy at 20 7/8. I "rarely" place market
      orders unless im desperate to buy in. 95% of my buys are
      limit orders, placed where i think there will be
      support. I see we closed at 22 3/8 today...Yessss

    • You got yours for 20 7/8?!

      I had to cough up 20 15/16. Shucks...

      Good luck, Bread.


    • Lazarre...Thanks for the input. After looking at
      the charts, news, volume, etc... "the low volume
      suggested more of a drift than anything else" seemed like
      as good of a reason as any. The downward pressure
      could also be because of the nasty week or so we have
      been having in the overall market. The small caps have
      taken a beating, and SWS is definately a small cap
      stock. Bottom line for me is: (1) Count me in for 300 at
      20 7/8 (I could not resist that brief dip under 21,
      and loaded up) (2) I already trade with MBtrading,
      and all of my trades are cleared thru SWS, as well,
      all of the checks I request from my account at
      MBtrading come from Southwest Securities.

    • Spent about 10 minutes with a few folks at SWS
      including both the pres. of mydiscountbroker and one of
      their IR people.

      They were particularly
      forthright with their info and could not understand why the
      stock was trading at this low of a level; comments on
      the low volume suggested more of a drift than
      anything else and, imo, I would concur. IR guy was
      particularly funny in his self-deprecating comments re: stock
      price= " How do ya think I feel?

      Discussed/joked about obnoxious ad. campaign for on-like
      brokerage--bottom line--IT'S WORKING.

      Cash, thanks for
      comments on the Westwood connection--did not make it

      Bottom line for me is:
      1) just bought in again
      requested an ap. for MDB--might as well trade with them


    • Please let us know the results of your talk with
      As you probably know, SWS also owns Westwood
      Management; Susan Byrne appears fairly often on Squawk Box,
      and her funds are well thought of by J Cramer on

    • I will as well. I just need to call them once, talk to IR, and full steam ahead.

      I think this will be a very interesting play till year end.


    • Im gonna try to take a position today around 21 1/8

    • Lazarre..I really dont think the lawsuits are
      that significant. Truthfully, I think SWS has just
      been overlooked by wall street. Look at the volume...A
      total of 4400 shares traded yesterday!!! Give it will get noticed one day. Until then just trade
      the price swings, or just hold and accumilate on dips
      like these. Im gonna try to take a position today
      around 20 1/8 Ide really like to make sure that im in
      when the street takes notice. Big volume could move
      this one fast.

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