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  • go_dow go_dow Jan 12, 1999 5:50 PM Flag

    Im moving from Datek to SWS

    I mean to, after I
    learned about it from one SWS "spam" message (thanks to
    the author) on AMTD message board. I think that SWS
    is a great company, but they have problems in
    marketing department. I was searching for the broker like
    SWS (I need some of its features that Datek hasnt)
    for several months (though not very actively) and I
    saw information about etrade, ameri^#&%, suretrade,
    waterhouse, accutrade and so on and so on, but I didnt even
    see a word about They
    really need some advertising campaign.

    Now for
    SWS stock. Of course its not EGRP, but its certainly
    better than AMTD, so I think it has big chances to catch
    up with them. If tomorrow (or some other day) I will
    see news that SWS plans some advertising campaign I
    will buy as much SWS stock as I can. mydiscountbroker
    needs to become brand name to be the true internet play
    (and to have price around 70 or 100). I think it is
    true to compare SWS/EGRP situation to BKS/AMZN. Barnes
    and Noble is a great company, like SWS, but Amazon is
    from another world.

    So good luck longs (maybe
    I'll become one of you soon) and keep up with the good
    "spam" work.

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    • Get ready for a big jump up (at least 50%) in the
      day of official announcement of the adverising
      campaign on CNBC. No matter, will it be good campaign or
      not, people will stand in line to buy SWS on that
      news. After that jump, I think it will be time to sell
      SWS (but if you are faithful hold it), because it
      will be very hard for SWS to get any significant share
      of the online trading market. In order to do that
      SWS needs to become a leader, but it seems that SWS
      wants to be just a good old company, and now its time
      for agressive (and sometimes bad, like in case of
      AMTD) companies.

      P.S. I will not become a SWS
      customer, because they dont allow foreigners like me to
      trade on margin (strange policy in my point of view).
      That is a basic example why Datek is the choice of the
      new generation.

      P.P.S Go SWS (and please allow
      me to have a margin account at

    • Good words, zavaidoc. I'm off to post on the
      Motley Fool board. If anyone is a member at Silicon
      Investor ( it would be nice if we could
      get some posts there. And don't forget the boards in
      both places devoted to discount brokers. Anyone with
      good experiences trading with SWS, especially on
      high-volume days, should post there, as there have been a lot
      of complaints about other brokers lately. These
      boards don't like hype and spam, though; good factual
      posts are appreciated.

    • is to get this message across boards and spread
      the word out. If SWS remains virtually unknown,
      chances are we are not going to benefit (or benefit too
      little) from these great fundamentals and potential. I
      urged here before all longs to actively present SWS to
      people on other boards. You might do an excellent job by
      posting your findings on many other boards - especially
      on those of Internet and financial firms.

    • 4Just making a very logical presentation on why
      there are 2 EXTREMELY undervalued stocks in the online
      investing sector:

      SWS has a market cap of $326M with
      1.90 earnings currently at a PE of 16, a
      Price-to-Sales ratio of 1.1 on $293M in sales. 10.7M o/s shares
      and float of 7.7M. No short position as of Dec. 8.
      Book value of $13. WOW!!!!!

      Compare that to

      NDB has a market cap of
      $298M with .84 earnings currently at a PE of 26, a
      price-to-sales ratio of 1.9 on $165M in sales. 14M o/s shares
      and a float of 4.2M. Only 6k share short position. $8
      book value. WOW!!!!!

      Compare that to EGRP, AMTD
      OR NITE!!!!

      Here are the

      EGRP: market cap = 5.4 billion, earnings = -.38, pe =
      n/a, price to sales ratio = 17 on $279M in sales,
      shares o/s = 56.8 M, float = 43.7M, shares short = 7.6M,
      book value = $12.

      AMTD: market cap = 1.6
      billion, earnings = .01, pe = 5900, price to sales ratio =
      10.5 on $164M in sales, o/s shares = 29M, float = 7M,
      1.76M shares short, book value = $2.91

      market cap = 2.5 billion, earnings = .94, PE = 57, price
      to sales ratio = 8 on $303 million, o/s shares =
      49.1M, float = 10M, 772k shares short, book value of

      This whole sector has been soaring but it is only a
      matter of time before NDB and SWS catch up. They are
      EXTREMELY undervalued from every angle relative to the
      leaders. Based on the above valuations, these stocks are
      an easy double or triple IMO when valuations catch
      up. Best of luck to everybody.

    • I was thinking about SWS valuation. sws owns 1.7M
      of NITE. NITE closed 54 1/8.

      sws Shares
      Outstanding 10.7M. This translate to for every share of sws,
      we have 0.158879 shares of NITE.

      Pretty good

      • 1 Reply to nnn23
      • I have been hearing a lot about nite..mentioned
        in forbes a few mos. back. Bought today at the lows
        and sold at the high since the run up was too huge
        and i didn't think it would hold.
        Now thinking of
        sws. I know nite is a clearing house for the online
        brokers. Is sws the same? Or do they offer online trading?
        Never heard of them but will see if they are mentioned
        When are earnings due out for sws? someone in a
        previous post said they have marketing problems. can
        anyone elaborate?