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  • birdzie birdzie Apr 24, 1999 6:03 PM Flag

    SWS' revenue growth was great

    from 2nd qtr to 3rd qtr, revenue went from 79mil
    to 90mil. I believe they'll easily break the 100mil
    revenue mark in the 4th qtr. This is solid, postive
    growth my friends. In my opinion, after market trading
    hours will benefit the following business': 1) market
    making, 2)clearing, and OLB's. I'm trying to figure out
    what other business' will benefit so I can invest in
    them as well. Everyone talks about OLB and Market
    making and their potential, but I have to say clearing
    appears to be as good. I believe SWS' CSS software will
    improve clearing tranactions as much as other business
    activities. I thought I read that this system could clear a
    trade in seconds. This is whaat make them a dominate
    force in the industry. Because other brokers will be
    able to clear cheaper through SWS than with their own
    system. SWS will gain huge clearing volume and will reap


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    • Welcome aboard dude......both you and your brother owe me a beer for finding you this gem.

      The Meltdownman

    • CNBC interview - not impressed. Go EGRP!

    • I have no roots in Winslow, AZ.

      I got the
      nickname "Winslow" during fraternity hazing. While I was
      being used as a human mop to scrub a dirty floor, the
      Eagles song ("Peaceful easy feeling" is the title I
      believe) that references Winslow, AZ came on over the
      loudspeakers. That combined with a last name that sounds like
      "Winslow" gave birth to the nickname. I would prefer the
      YAHOO identity "Winslow" but that was already taken.

    • Just curious: Do you have roots in Winslow, AZ, or are you
      quoting the Eagles song?

    • I disagree. SWS is a safer long term play than is
      NITE. NITE is a one trick poney. Someday MM's are not
      going to be used, then what does NITE have? SWS has
      plenty of other things going for it.

      As far as
      being on NYSE and not NASDAQ.....I know alot of people
      have complained about NDB and SWS being on NYSE, I
      can't believe it! Most people complaign about it
      because of opening delays, a minor inconvienience. Being
      listed NYSE carries prestige with it. Also, what do you
      think will tank for if their is a crash, NYSE or

      Concerning NITE being on SWS books. How is including NITE on
      the books cooking? It SHOULD be on the books because
      they own it! Thats like saying GM is cooking their
      books because they list their factories as
      plant/property/equipment. Of course assests owned are on the books.
      Besides, in the last quarterly they also made calculations
      so one could see what figures would be if they did
      not own NITE.

    • If you can't offer any details how SWS cooked the
      books, then you should retract your post (Post

      It is so 'chicken shit' and immoral to come on to
      any of these message boards and offer VAGUE
      accusations that a company cooked its books. But a lot of
      people do come on to these boards and do that.

      SRI362, you have sunk to the pathetic and the evil

      Here is a question for you. Tell me how any company
      could possibly use its unredeemed stock holdings to
      make its income look better ??

      Give me an
      answer to that.

    • I am a full service convert. But I just had to
      call the old boys at Merrill and inform them about
      SWS. the initial reaction was "holy . . .". they
      couldn't believe what they have missed. one guy said he
      never even heard of SWS. HOWEVER, they said they would
      post it on their "LOOK" board. Keep the ball
      Stir the Stick. This one's real.

    • If you read my last message I am not promoting to
      start shorting
      SWS, I am just pointing out its
      weaknesess which should not be ignored, because it are these
      weaknesses which cause big price drops during panic. We are
      not out of the woods yet in this market, thats
      all.......Good Luck to all Longs

    • on this board. I can see you NITE people ar
      really worried about SWS and their ROBUST move into the
      MM business. Don't worry we're partners in this move
      and we'll both do well. We just want a piece of the
      pie. GO SWS/NITE

      Let's have a good


    • It's OK that you can be either long or short or
      still hang in there waiting. This's a risky business to
      short SWS at this level. Don't waste your hard-earning
      money for doing this. I don't want your money from you,
      but from the growth of SWS! I have posted similar
      warning a couple of days ago to a poster who might short
      NITE at around $90.

      I may end up waste my time
      since there are always somebody shorting SWS even its
      price is at $27.

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