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  • JustTheFactz JustTheFactz Apr 27, 1999 6:20 PM Flag

    Zavaidoc.......Free trades from MDB?

    Just like I said yesterday, this attempt for
    traditional brokerages to win customers back is not going to
    work. Let's face it, in order to satisfy the customer
    and pull a profit in online trading, you have to be
    lean (no overhead) and mean (very aggressive and
    forward looking). Does this sound like a traditional
    brokerage? I DON'T THINK SO! Fire about 2/3 of the merrill
    lynch "brokers" and "advisors", and instantly build a
    comprehensive, low-cost trading system. That might do it. Also,
    as I've always said, you cares about a fucken
    brokers advice if you can just listen to CNBC, CNN,
    fortune, etc, etc, etc, internet sources, etc, and make an
    informed unbiased decision. The information is already
    there, and people are becoming more and more capable of
    finding and interpreting it. More and more people don't
    need their hands held anymore!

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    • I posted previously that I would love to see a
      trading day in which SWS went up and the other OLBs went
      down. Today was great for us when that happened. I
      still don't see how our story has not become more
      widely known. Just as we have stated, SWS is growing
      considerably and is in some exciting businesses. We also have
      215 million dollars worth of NITE under our

      Question: Do the major OLBs offer any MM business? If not,
      we are definitely on to something when speaking of
      cost free trades. One major concern with cost free
      trading of course would be the absolute surge in trading
      activity. How in the world would we handle the growth?
      People may be pushed away because our systems would be
      operating so slowly or probably would be forced to shut
      down. Any thoughts on this.

      Go SWS. I am long
      looking for a very nice future ahead.