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  • cpqshort cpqshort Apr 30, 1999 2:45 PM Flag

    Shorts cover now monday will kill us

    all if you havent covered yet. Looks like last chance around 50.

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    • Can anyone recall the BUY recommendation
      mentioned this past Thursday or Friday?

      there have been a few "small" groups making BUY
      recommendations on SWS. Of course it's the "big brokerage"
      recommendations that will really make SWS fly, after they have
      bought for their own portfolios.

      Anyway, here is
      a repeat of a previous message (by talk_is_cheap)
      on SWS recommendation from a newsletter called
      "Fox's Fabulous 500" Stock Picks.


      by: talk_is_cheap_ 2694 of
      Glad I bought into a recommendation I
      received on SWS from a newsletter called "Fox's Fabulous
      500" Stock Picks. In their January 1999 issue, Fox
      added SWS (then at $18/share) to their Top 500 list. In
      their April 1999 issue (released 4/1), Fox upgraded SWS
      to a ranking of #396 on their Top 500 best buys list
      for potential long-term growth. Considering the
      movement SWS has fostered over the past 4 months, it
      appears that Fox's recommendation was a sound one! I
      mean, look at the current stock price � up nearly 200%
      in the past 4 months and still rising! FANTASTIC!
      Makes ya' wonder how their #1 pick fared over the same

      I, for one, am very pleased with the
      results of this recommendation as well as some of their
      others! Fox, you've made a BELIEVER out of

      Those interested in checking out their recommendations,
      should log on to their website

      Their May 1999 recommendations should be released
      sometime tomorrow, so check it out!

      Good Luck to
      all SWS shareholders!

      Talk is Cheap, but
      results are REAL!


    • prices have been running in nearly parallel lines for a year or so, with NITE being considerably the higher priced. When NITE is up so is SWS and when one drops they both drop.

    • The following link details fees, account maintenance and ratings on a number of OLB's

      Why isn't MDB listed??

    • I also cashed in my Mutual Qualified when I heard
      Price was bowing out. But SWS would make a fine taget
      for the "scariest SOB on Wall Street", as he's been
      called. Now don't get me wrong, as I learn more about
      SWS, my confidence in and respect for SWS management
      is steadily increasing - they are proceeding
      methodically and competently - but SWS is ripe for the
      plucking , or for someone to take a controlling stake and
      shake things up. It would seem that there are three
      ready avenues for enhancing shareholder value -
      increase the float via splits; get some good analyst
      coverage; and realize the value latent in MDB. It was
      ranked one of the top 10 OLBs .

      And no, I'm not
      Mike Potter! But I follow his posts assiduously - he's
      one sharp pencil. Thanks again for the SWS tip. BTW,
      I just closed out my MSGI pending some news.
      There's definitely an emerging story there - but I needed
      $ to buy SWS and NITE.

    • to SWS from the SFE board. Michael Price is not
      really picking them anymore. In fact, I have the "Z"
      shares (no load), in one of his funds, before
      Franklin-Templeton merger, and am cashing them in. Check his funds
      versus Torray, etc. He has really turned the stock
      picking over to others. I'd rather sell to Buffett, but
      he can't buy control easily here, needs to buy a
      company in the billions of market cap.
      Hope you and
      Mike Potter (if you aren't him; always regard his
      comments highly on the SI SFE board) make a bundle in
      All the best,

    • For the record:

      I was in no way "bashing
      NITE". My posts spoke quite highly of NITE. I'm long
      NITE. Some people get a knee-jerk reaction when they
      see SWS mentioned - without taking time to understand
      what I was saying. I was just discussing ways to
      reduce risk in taking a NITE position (e.g., buying on
      corrections, playing SWS, hedging with NITE's future
      competition, etc.).

      We all know the close relationship
      between these two companies - can't discuss one without
      discussing the other.

      Well, if the NITE spammers/SWS
      bashers descend on our board, I'm sorry - last thing I

    • This company is not a lean, growth-capable
      machine like a pure OLB like AMTD!!! Face it guys, the
      only reason SWS is attractive, is because of their
      ownership stake in NITE!!!!!!! I expect another very steep
      sell-off here very soon. NITE will continue to
      friction there.

    • the entire NITE board by spamming/hyping SWS, and
      bashing NITE. Look out guys, there will be more bashers
      attacking SWS than you want to deal with. You guys really
      should control these hypers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • well, your scenario could happen. But that's 1)
      way more optmistic on NITE than I am (NITE will have
      competition soon) and 2) more optimistic about earnings and
      the PE. You also don't account for MDB and the rest.
      It's all speculation. I'd stick to more conservative
      estimates and re-evaluate when and if it hits a target
      price. Mine is around $100.

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