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  • BB stocks cost me a bundle. That is why I am here in SWS. I learned the hard way. To those who want to chat about INEX, please start your own thread.

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    • Hi Lynda-nice to hear from yq.
      Are you in SWS?
      I hope you've enjoyed the recent run up if so. I
      think we could see a double here over the next 6
      months. I've done thorough (sp?) DD and all systems are

      Yea, I don't even read the board anymore. As you may
      know I sold out about 1 month ago. I was keeping up on
      the board but then the weirdos came. I have posted
      once since then when the price went to 7/16. I
      suggested that anyone whom just made a fast 50%-100% sell.
      It looked just like the other short lived pops. I
      got bashed for it but sure enough......down. All they
      are buying is a right to convert to BASEA but without
      knowing what the conversion ratio will be, not my kind of
      gamble. Many of those newbies don't have ANY clue as to
      what the company is going through.

    • Ah, Key....can we assume you are really happy?
      Once again, thank you for aiming me in the direction
      of some good choices. Makes my analysis a lot
      easier. Keep up the great work!
      PS Out of
      what woodwork did those yahoos on the select board
      come from?

    • Fantastic touch with all aspects of GROWTH.SWS kicks ass...again.

    • hope it will hold otherwise, we might see a small drop before moving up again.

      the day traders are in....but now dumping the stock once they made thier $2-$3 .....

      how sad....

    • I just gave the press releases a once over. WOW.
      I've been arguing that they should sell some NITE and
      use the money to promote MDB, see-I could do their
      job ;-)

      10% stock dividend! Holy Cow! As if
      the price appreciation hasn't been enough! 10%! MAN,
      WOW, WO!

      Happy daze happy daze, doing the happy

      Now they just need a differenct marketing campaign
      and lose the cheap image.

      Happy Dance!

    • Not a chance of spliting this one up. True,
      company has a cash position stronger than share value.
      Insiders own ~70% of stock and have never sold. So a
      breakup is not possible.

      Cash did come from sale
      of their internet subsidiary to WCII.

      continues to post positive earnings.

      Good luck.

    • Also, they need to contact WARP like IBM did
      recently to get some state of the art advertising for
      their internet site. These guy at WARP are website
      developers & has some work done
      buy this very small company. Maybe SWS needs some
      help in the FORM of Banners with Yahoo or Lycos of
      their MyDiscountBroker service. The NITE suggestion in
      the Global area is novel.

      Yes the investor
      relation guys do read this and other board. Since Yahoo
      provides the most active boards, they are using
      medium to take a pulse of business thoughts. The
      internet is changing many things and thought processes.
      Things are happening too fast to wait for a once a year
      shareholder meeting for all business to be tranacted.
      SWS, watch out for a run in June and July!!! plus the
      3rd QTR
      as trading hours are expanded.

    • Their ads are amaturish.....their website still
      isn't up to pair....(add some nice colors and
      curves.....I like a website that utilizes things other than
      just four sides to it.....the world is not
      square!)....and they ought to go international....Maybe Global
      Securities or Online International Securities...think
      big...outside the box.....maybe handle the OLB arm of NITE
      overseas....nothing wrong with pairing up with a progressive

      The Meltdownman

    • The 2 SWS news items, coupled with the jobs report equals a 10% surge today, at a minimum. I am usually wrong, but I say we touch $60 again and settle back in the mid-high 50s. Expect a halt. JMHO

    • Fri May 7 SWS Southwest Securities sets 10 pct
      stock div - Reuters Securities
      Fri May 7 SWS SWS to
      Accelerate Growth of On-Line Brokerage Business - PR
      Fri May 7 SWS Southwest Securities Group
      Declares Regular Cash Dividend, Announces 10% Stock
      Dividend, Elects New Board Member - PR Newswire

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