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  • I_only_pick_undervalued_companys I_only_pick_undervalued_companys Jun 3, 1999 11:23 PM Flag

    Someone PLEASE try to find the info on

    Someone PLEASE try to find the info on what A.G.
    Edwards said about talking to SWS 2 to 3 Weeks ago. I
    know i saw some thing that said that AGE PERSIONALY
    talked to nine broakerage firms and six were already
    being aquired by banks, that leaves SWS and two others.

    Goodtimeing if you read this try to find this info. It is the
    golden key for a take over that has been

    Some has been acumalating SWS and i think it is AGE.
    AGE has alot of cash.

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    • I would also go long TBFC on Monday. Its spliting on Tuesday, plus you get 2 free EGRP shares due to the buyout.

      Good luck.

    • I really think we have hit bottom. Should see a
      jump next week. I think management is timing
      everything so that don't get caught in the hype of momentum
      traders. $80 plus by the end of June. I like SWS even
      better than NDB because it does have the bricks and
      motars. But because their online business is still
      relatively new they won't have to integrate like MER has to
      do. They also have the clearing business that serves
      the likes of MER, MWD. Also read they will offer
      IPO's through Wit Capital. SWS is going to be real
      winner in this space.

    • Cash dividend of .07 (quarterly) on July 1st for record holders at the close of business 6/15/99. Stock dividend 10-1 on August 2nd for record holders as of 7/15/99.

    • Can't verify other than to say it was a press
      release on the Yahoo board talking about the alliance
      with SBC. I though I made a mistake and goodtiming
      said it was for all OLBs. It reads 15,000 a day. Check
      it out. The article by Carol Humer
      dated May 29th indicated that because they have little
      analyst coverage, the lack of pressure enables these
      firms to reveal much less information about the online
      businesses than their competitors. Michael Flanagan an
      independent analyst says
      "We can view Southwest as we did
      Schwab a year ago when Schwab's business was
      increasingly becoming mor Internet-oriented. I think that's
      the same type of trend investors are sensing with

    • I wouldn't buy this dog if it drops to the 30s.
      Wise up people, E*Trade, Ameritrade, Datek have eaten
      the cake already. Heck, even Ma Merril is getting in
      on the online action. SWS's best hope is to be
      bought by some big fish, else this sucker is a


    • I believe June 11th is the date for the cash
      dividend. The stock dividend is as of July 15th. After the
      date of ex-dividend, the stock automatically opens
      lower the next day, similar to a split. For instance if
      SWS, closes at 60 on July 15th, it will open at 54 on
      July 16th, plus or minus normal fluctuations between
      the close and open. I think that this 10% dividend
      will not even be noticed, and so the stock should
      immediately jump back to the original price. I for one expect
      a huge upside on this stock, and I have been long
      on this stock since $28 per share. Keep the faith
      because there are few better values than SWS.

    • leave, there is no more downside left, and the upside is endless

    • The Level II will not start soon at MDB

      IPO news in a few days

    • OK I will play. Dumb Dory is so dumb she thought SHE was bought out!!

      Thats my opinion dory and you didn't even have to beat it out of me............Lee

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