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  • FirstOfApril FirstOfApril Jun 17, 1999 9:50 PM Flag

    here are trading volume numbers

    U.S. Volume at Nasdaq electronic
    stock market
    declined to 942 million shares a day in May, down 17
    percent from 1.1
    billion shares in April. And trading
    volumes in June, 847 million shares a day so far, herald
    month-over-month decline

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    • There are a few reasons for stock dividends (I
      realize it is actually a 11:10 split but industry
      standard language is that it is called a dividend if it is
      less than 25%).

      One reason is that market
      ineficiency is more likely to overlook a 11:10 than a 2:1.
      Theory says that the price should fall 10% the day after
      the split. My experience with small splits differs.

      Another reason, and a more likely reason, is the
      methodical nature of stock dividends. Many investors like
      predictability in their holdings. SWS has a history of annual
      10% stock dividends.

      Sotck splits and large
      stock dividends are generally used after a sharp price
      run up, when a large price reduction is sought. Small
      stock dividends are occasionally used on a regular
      annual basis to keep the stock price more or less
      contrained. For example, if a firm's earnings and dividends
      are growing at about 10% per year, the price would
      tend to go up at about that same rate, and the price
      would soon be outside the desired trading range. For
      this company, a 10% stock dividend would maintain the
      stock price within the optimal trading

      Also, do not fail to overlook that this is also
      essentially a 10% increase in the cash dividend. With the
      actual cash dividend per share remaining the same, you
      will receive 10% more in total cash dividend after the
      stock dividend. This is an important point to not be

      Hope this helps some.

    • I have not researched SWS's outstanding shares,
      float or treasury holdings, but chances are is that SWS
      does not have enough shares in treasury stock to offer
      a 2 for 1 stock split at this time. They will
      probably have some form of share issuance on the proxy
      statement at the next shareholders meeting for approval.
      Then if the stock moves up maybe you'll see a 2 for 1
      split as well. Time will tell.


    • the purpose of this 11:10 split? I understand (I
      think) why you'd have a 2:1, in order to make the price
      more reasonable looking to the average investor. But
      an 11:10 can't make the price look much different.
      Why not at least a 3:1? Thanks.

    • Oh, what has the board come too? We put up with
      so much trash postings from the shorts trying to
      stampeed us off our shares now we get the chain letter.
      Hmmmmm, if I sent a dollar to......

      No, I am going
      to sit on my 417 shares of SWS and watch it grow
      into something really nice.

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    • I looked at the link saw interest messages only.
      Reviewing time and sales data for today shows only one
      institutional size trade avove 10,000 shares. It was at 3:49:26
      for 11,500 shares at 57 7/8. Bid/ask at the time was
      57 1/4 x 57 15/16. So that was probably more
      instututional buying as has been the case the last couple

    • So what else is new? Being unrecognized and
      therefore so outrageously undervalued is why I personally
      bought SWS in the first place. It had a brief run there
      on NITE/Internet/OLB hype (and perhaps takeover
      rumors), so it's not completely off the map. "Hot"
      momentum money has gone elsewhere (telecoms,
      semiconductors, cellular, etc.etc). I say we have to be patient
      nad keep perspective. we're up 150% YTD. I was a
      little late, so am up "only" 20% in two months. That's
      120% annualized! Patience, longs. The next earnings
      report shuld give us a nice pop, just like thelast one
      did (37 to 47, if I recall). SWS is a longterm play
      that may take a year or two to get to that $100+
      nirvana we know is there. As long as the company
      fundamentals hold up, the market will come to us. IMHO.

    • It looks like there are two blocks of 40K and
      Block of 20K sell off by institutions. Can any
      explain what is going on? Is there any negative

    • on line trading is being sent out to customers
      soon. As a SWS customer, I look forward to trying it
      out. However, I do not know without trying it whether
      it will be a significant improvement or not. I have
      noticed I get really fast trades with SWS and quick
      confirmations. AMTD seems much slower about confirming a trade,
      but I have had good service with AMTd also.

      me long means months to years, not weeks, so I do
      not expect too much in a short period of time. Maybe
      SWS is dead money, but I still hold for long.

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