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  • metafizzik metafizzik Jul 13, 1999 3:49 PM Flag

    What's with this thing...

    I looked at the price one time and its up 3 5/8, look again 5 min later and vol has changed very litte yet its only up 2 3/16.

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    • This board had extensive discussions about the
      reason(s) for last runup at the time. Almost everybody on
      this board agreed that institutes were buying into SWS
      based on the numerous block tranactions during the
      period. However, we didn't know whether the strong buys
      were just for accumulation or for other purpose(s). At
      the very begining, I tended to think that a big boy
      was after SWS. After keep checking SWS's SEC filings
      and % institute ownership, it is obvious now that
      numerous institutes have been accumulating SWS during past
      couple months. Individual investors might help in push
      this stock a little at the late stage.

      course, institutes are also buy and sell a stock as our
      individuals. However, institutes tend to hold a stock for
      longer period. SWS is a idea holder for many funds:
      proved management, solid and stable business during past
      three years,low p/e, fast growth, no debt, lots of
      cash, pay cash dividend.


    • As I recall, you are correct. There was about a
      two week lag on SWS's earnings run. It followed right
      after NITE's, which may have released its earnings
      numbers a few days before SWS. I remember someone on the
      NITE board saying he/she was cashing out of NITE and
      moving into SWS. That proved to be a very good move. It
      seemed like part of the late surge (up to ~$90) in SWS's
      run was the result of recommendation by Clearstation.
      It seemed like daytrades may have moved in and of
      course there was a big volume surge. A few weeks later
      Clearstation recommended shorting SWS. That's about when the
      price dropped sharply. All of this comes from memory
      which can be spotty at times.

    • Hopefully we can get this bitch up to the mid
      70's again so we can throw around the idea of another
      stock split. No doubt we need more liquidity in this
      baby. Don't misunderstand me, I love this stock,
      overloading my portfolio with this sucker in April and all
      through June. But enough jerking off, lets blow our load
      and get this thing into the 90's again!


    • I'm terribly hurt. And here I wanted to practice suffering fools gladly. You are trading away brains for humor--just as well since the only thing you need to know about SWS is buy and hold.

    • This sucker's float is so small( 7-mill)that if
      we get a great quarter...
      Watch out
      Also, I believe that the small float is what gets the
      bid/ask prices gyrating all over the screen(as so
      eloquently described by MR. Swede). It doesn't take much
      volume to move this turkey all over the place, which
      bodes very well for those of us on the long side of

    • If my memory serves me correct, I think we didn't
      have a run until about 2 weeks after earnings last Q.
      It was very suprising when they released .70 and it
      took 2 weeks for a reaction. I bleive the last
      earnings report is what got SWS "discovered" and on radar
      screens. This report will be very important as I believe
      institutions will be looking for consistency.

    • Times like these I wish the institutions weren't
      so heavily into it. It seems to be slowing down the
      ususal pre-earning runup. But also might avoid NDB &
      AMTD's fate of 'sell-the-news' after good reportings.
      With about 40% ownership, who's buying &

      Where's GOODTIMING99? I'm sure he'd have an excellent
      link to help provide a clue to all of our questions?
      That guy's a research machine!

      Staying long
      long long & planning the $100/sh party before my next

    • We'll get shafted on the close again.

    • you got a real purdy mouth???
      Where the hell is the volume on this puppy??? Where's our NDBesque pre-earnings run-up?? I need money, damn't!!!!

    • I would like one of you to go away. I vote for Key staying. Sorry guess you have to go addedupon. Bye

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