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  • von1230 von1230 Sep 13, 1999 5:05 PM Flag

    SWS will close this week at 29

    On December 31, I will buy SWS that afternoon.
    The stock price may be as low as 20. I will keep my
    short at 31 7/8 for the next few weeks. But I always
    have a stop loss on the short when I am in the money.
    Guru Von1230

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    • I am glad that you made money from shorting
      However, I don't think it is a good practice to post
      to hype or threat any stock. People do this just to
      fit the purpose, no matter "pump and dump" or "short"
      like you.

      I like to go back to fundamental
      about SWS.
      1. MDB top 10 online broker rating(from
      2. low pe(undervalue)
      3. growth sector +
      internet related(trading volume exploding)
      5. NITE
      shareholder(1.7 x 2 = 3.4 million shrs)
      6. Brokage and
      Clearing business(profitable business)

      Is Y2K a
      Is interest rate a threat?

      Y2K => Less
      trading volume. I doubted it.
      Whenever there is a
      transcation, brokage firm make money,
      no matter you long
      or short, put or call. People pull money
      stock market, involve trading also => trading volume
      If market has a tendency to go down, people tend to
      short stock. Again there is volume eventually. Option
      trading is also trading. Less volume. I don't think so.
      More volatile, I agree.

      Interest rate=>
      People borrow money to trade will get hurt.
      If you
      think that is the case, that is true. But I don't think
      it will affect people not to trade.

    • Question: on what basis do you think this stock
      will go down to 20? This stock is down for only ONE
      reason.. that is due to interest rate fears. This is
      evident in the fact that the on-line broker and whole
      financial sector is down right now. SWS is a sleeping
      giant. They have profitability, increasing recognition,
      an on-line brokerage, significant market cap,
      profitability, low p-e, AND 1.7 million shares in NITE. Go ahead
      and short this stock if you dare. It has only up-ward
      potential from here.