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  • mikerconfer mikerconfer Jul 19, 2013 1:12 PM Flag


    Now is most assuredly NOT the time to get "stopped out" of this stock. If you are long and have a stop loss set, and you don't want to have your pocket picked before earnings I STRONGLY recommend that you remove the stop. At current prices you have a potential downside to about two bucks (the 52 week low is $1.97); by earnings (if you believe the numbers that have been posted here, and I do) you could have an upside to around five, maybe more. In these circumstances a stop-loss makes no sense.

    Count on it: sometime between now and earnings, the short side will try to shake the tree. They always do. You can get stopped out or not - your choice - but I know how I'm going to play it. If they do drive the price down I'm going to buy as many more shares as I can afford (dry powder $100 K and counting) and they will not get a single share from me until it hits MY price. No cojones, no blue chips.

    Good luck.

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    • I like your conviction, Mike

      did some studying on the short interest you spoke of earlier......I got the difference now......thanks

      I've seen your other posts over on the NVIV MB......I haven't gotten in on that stock with a position yet.....was waiting for a retreat.....pulled back a little yesterday.....but didn't was up nice today (again)

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      • Looks like NVIV is setting up for quite the pop when they list on NYSE or NASDAQ, plus they are doing some really interesting work with spinal trauma with a couple of near-term catalysts at hand. I got in at two and change to test the waters got out in the low threes then back in with a bigger stake. Their CEO impresses me.

        As to HZNP, we're LONG overdue and the sales estimates look stellar. Not about to get my pocket picked at this point in the game. Have a nice weekend.

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    • It would be pretty crazy to put in a stop loss right now given that it has bouncing between these levels for months. It's still just 'ready to advance', hasn't really advanced. I hope it ends up above $2.80 today though.

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