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  • postbusters postbusters Sep 20, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    On the "Horizon"

    Now that we have started our move up, there are some things that investors who follow the board need to prepare for. It is obvious that we will be getting major attention, breaking out of our previous price range, setting new highs, having large daily gains, and bucking the trend of the overall market (e.g. today the dow got killed and we went up huge - if you don't think that gets investor attention, think again).

    There seems to be a loss of some of the traders who were posting prolifically previously. I believe they either took their profits (or losses) and are either waiting on the sidelines or have moved on. Some obviously thought they could do the same thing that worked before - short the rally - and that (also obviously) didn't work out well for them.

    Unfortunately, there will now likely be paid professional bashers coming "on board," who will be very unpleasant and will try to confuse those invested or considering investing. These ugly individuals can be difficult to deal with, and will post huge numbers of meaningless posts, just to take up space and make the board less able to convey relevant information. This part I am not looking forward to, as for the most part the HZNP board posters have been reasonable (short or long) and pleasant to deal with.

    Besides the magnetism of new highs, another draw to the stock will be the projected price by analyst. The reason why I said (and will repeat) that we look cheaper at the current price, than at $2.70, is that a higher price conveys a stronger (and not distressed) stock. It is now infinitely more believable that we will reach $6 than it was a couple of weeks ago.

    Expect upgrades and higher estimated sales/prices, but also expect the negative articles that will be the result of a concerted effort by hedgers and short funds to try and manipulate the stock. This happened in a huge way the last time we surged, and I fully expect it once again. This time their arguments won't wash.

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