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  • value_isnt_dead value_isnt_dead Mar 28, 2013 8:14 AM Flag

    According to conference call..

    major new partnership to be announce in press release 'soon'.
    got to be a reason zack and tobin bought new shares. I don't think they were dumping money.

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    • A guy named Sam asked many questions. He was astute and funny ("why should this year be different from the other years" passover analogy). He did not identify his company. Does anyone know which company he is with?

    • Per last qtrs conf call, they're trying to partner with some of the big enterprise software cloud computing players to get the new 'cloud based' Astea software version included as a module option for subsbscribers of the big guys complete enterprise cloud packages. If they partner with the right company it could be a very good thing. All of these big cloud players are looking to acquire 'bolt on' software modules that they can add to their existing offering.

      Astea management is typically overly optimistic, I wouldn't get too worried if if we didn't see a press release for a few weeks. Correct me if I'm wrong, the partnership is already signed, per the conference call, it's just a matter of getting the o.k. to announce it?


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      • Per the call, they have had the partner signed for 6! months. I recall they only said earlier they were close... On the plus side, it really could be a big player if it takes so long to get the legal dept. to react and ok a deal with a minnow like Astea. On the other hand we have not seen much xtra in the 6 m. OR then we have: in the USA. Per the 10K, business as a disaster in Asia and Europe in 2012.. but US ops made a 2.5 m profit. That just about makes up for the R&D capitalizing. Makes you wonder if Astea should give up the entire ex-USA sales to a partner and focus where they can make money... it's not as if they need market share.
        PR in a week he said, let's see if , and who!

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